Brujah Lore

Brujah Lore 1

  • You have heard the term Brujah and understand it
  • You have heard the term 'scholarly warriors'
  • You have no clue what "The Call" is
  • You have heard the term "Rabble"
  • You know that Brujah tend to anger quickly
  • Brujah In Clan Disciplines are: Potence, Celerity, and Presence

Brujah Lore 2

  • You understand the terms iconoclast, individualist and idealist and know which camp you fall under.
  • You have heard of "the call"
  • You know that status is earned by physical prowess
  • You have heard of rants and may have attended one
  • You know of the 7th Tradition "don't get caught"
  • You have heard of Troile and Carthage
  • You understand that getting a Brother killed is a crime and have heard of the punishment of such.(remember the 7th tradition here)
  • You know that Brujah tend to be rebels in their way of thinking

Brujah Lore 3

  • You know that the 3 camps work together despite disagreements
  • You understand the concepts that make up the three different camps
  • You know the stereo-types of the individuals in the three camps
  • You can recognise the names of the Elders of the clan

*You know the names of the important Ancillae

  • You know when to and when not to make "The Call"
  • You have heard of "Raves" and may have attended one
  • You have heard of running "The Gauntlet" as punishment
  • You know that the most heinous of all crimes is the betrayal of a brother
  • You know the punishment for making "the call" inappropriately
  • You have heard rumours of the Brujah involvement in the 1917 Russian uprising
  • You understand "the Call"

Brujah Lore 4

  • Heard how one locates a "Rave" and may have used the clues to do so
  • Heard of a tradition that the elders have called the "Debate"
  • Heard iconoclast Brujah elders do not attend "Debates"
  • An understanding about the fall of Carthage and the role of the Venture and Toreadors with it.
  • A familiarity with the Ancillae of your camp and some in other camps.
  • A relationship with some of the elders in your region.
  • Heard of the development of the Clan weakness, and stories of its development.
  • Heard rumours of the "True" Brujah
  • An understanding that it is difficult to separate the fact from fiction within the Brujah history
  • Heard rumours that Brujah himself created the written language
  • Heard rumours that the Brujah were involved in the separation of the colonies from Britain
  • Have an understanding of "the Call" enough to know the consequences of it

Brujah Lore 5

  • You understand the role of the other clans in the history of your blood
  • You believe there was a possibility that Troile was coerced into challenging his sire either by Brujah himself or others of the 4th Generation
  • You understand what really caused the fall of Carthage
  • You hear rumours of the Brujah helped to form the Sabbat
  • You know what "the Call" is really about
  • You have knowledge of the existence of "True" Brujah and may have met one.
  • You understand that the "True" Brujah are remnants from the past with the power to manipulate time
  • Research hints that the Brujah are a driving force behind the Sabbat
  • You have a basic understanding of the history of the Brujah, as presented in the Clan book
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