Channels List

Below is a list of Approved Channels for Masquerade Embraced. Any roleplay that happens outside of these channels is not considered valid to the game.

  • #ME:OOC - This is our OOC chan!
  • #ME:ghelp - Where you can find the Staff
  • #ME:dice - All rolls must be made in this channel. Roll are required to be labeled. Roll commands are: !dice & !inits
  • #ME:Phone1 & #ME:Phone2 - All phone calls or texts messages should take place in one of the two phone channels. Any information given via phone that is relevent to the game will not be valid unless it's done in one of these two channels.
  • #ME:Elysium - Channel used for Elysium roleplay
  • #ME:Warrens - Nosferatu Warrens
  • #ME:ArtDistrict - Art District in the City
  • #ME:Downtown - Downtown New Innsbruck
  • #ME:HistoricDistrict - Historic District
  • #ME:IndustrialDistrict - Industrial District
  • #ME:ClubRun - The Club Run
  • #ME:StatePark - The State Park
  • #ME:WolfJawValley - Wolf Jaw Valley
  • #ME:Athame - General Channel
  • #ME:Coven - General Channel
  • #ME:Chalice - General Channel
  • #ME:Grimoire - General Channel
  • #ME:Liabeze - General Channel
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