Character Page Template


This is only a template to use if you choose to do so. It's very simple and very streamline and just looks really nice and flows well. You can click the "edit" button at the bottom of this page and steal the coding if you want. Any pictures, links etc will have to be added using the editor and what not. Get as creative as you want with your Character Pages, and remember they don't have to follow this template. If you need help getting something to work right, have any questions, or need/want feedback, feel free to poke an ST for assistance. Keep in mind that any information on Character Wiki Pages is considered OOC information. Use of this knowledge IC without having learned it IC will be viewed as meta-gaming and result in loss of xp. Continuous meta-gaming can/will result in a ban.

You can find a copy of the full code to copy/paste onto your character wiki here:

Basic Info



Basic Description

  • Describe your character. Include any visible merits or flaws, things that make them stand out. Tattoo's, scars, etc.


Everyday Outfit:

  • What does your character typically wear?

Battle Gear:

  • What does your character wear when they fight?
  • Do they have weapons?
  • Armor?
  • A special pair of tennis shoes?
  • Maybe they carry an ipod and listen to some hardcore music to get the blood pumping.
  • Whatever it is, list/describe it here.

Common Knowledge

  • List things here that are common knowledge about your character. Things that are known ic about your character. True things, not rumors.


  • Get creative. What are some things that people may be saying about you? Remember, not all rumors are nice. Actually, they never are.

Character Inspirations

  • What inspirations did you use to create the character?
  • You can also insert links to songs, pictures, whatever you'd like.

IC Contact Info.

  • How can your character be contacted?


  • What are your opinions about other inhabitants of the city?
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