Elysium is located in the city though closer to the snowy mountains. Two separate buildings where one building caters to the ski resort. During the daytime, the building for kindred is shut down, known to the kine world to be owned by some powerful millionaire. Nobody in the city has thought to ask questions, it seems they're just fine to enjoy the resort and it's many amenities without that second building.




The lodge being used as Elysium is quite a bit more elaborate than the one available to the public. This lodge is also located off on a lot by itself and is guarded with a privacy fence and guards (retainers). The grounds are constantly patrolled by guards as well. Inside the building there are several retainers moving around, their sole purpose is to ensure the safety of the kindred coming and going and to make sure that Elysium is secure from the kine that may wander up out of curiosity.

Outdoor Amenities:


Outside the lodge are several areas for kindred to gather around. These areas contain faux fire pits that emit real heat though have no real flame (to avoid 'red fear'). There are even smaller tents with lounging chairs for those private moments one sometimes just needs (these are cloth, they over little privacy in the sense of being sound proof, eavesdropping is always a possibility), a curtain can be closed to enclose the little alcoves if needed/wanted.

Common Rooms:


Inside the lodge are several places for Kindred to gather. The great room is very indicative of the ski resort theme with lots of luxury. Many beautiful wooden art pieces decorate the room, along with custom furniture and glass-work on the upper balcony that overlooks the great room.

The second room is lighter in color, a more airy feel with great windows that open up to the balcony outside to give the most beautiful view of the mountains and snowy areas. Soft lighting creates a relaxing calming ambiance on these balconies.

Swimming Pool:


An indoor swimming pool is available for kindred who just want to take a dip. There are changing rooms available as well, complete with showers and the fluffiest most comfy towels and robes you can imagine. (Don't steal these…we will find you….and tell the harpy you stole towels from Elysium.)



Mailboxes are located in the lodge as well. Each kindred is responsible for ensuring their mailbox is locked. Each kindred who has been given hospitality by the Prince is given a mailbox. This is where others can leave letters, notes, packages, invitations etc (Please use the missives section of the forums for this, as well as voicemails).

Council Meeting Room:


This room is for the sole use of the Primogen Council to meet. It is soundproof (meaning you can't eavesdrop at the door, nosey kindred).

There are other offices located in the building as well as rooms for kindred to use in the event they are in Elysium without enough time to get somewhere safe before dawn. There is no charge for these rooms to be used.

The Library:


Full of literary works of all genres, the library is a vast collection of literature that's available to all kindred. Books may be borrowed, though a very OCD retainer is there to make sure the book is signed out (she used to be a librarian…it was her life, don't mess with her life man).

The Game Room:


Fancy a game of pool? Darts? How about foozeball? Air hockey? Poker? Chess? A good ole game of ski-ball? Whatever your gaming desire, the game room has it. From classic arcade games, to bar style games, it's all free to play. Enjoy…just don't break things when you lose.

Laws of Elysium

  • Physical violence and the use of Disciplines within an Elysium and/or the building which houses it is strictly forbidden.
  • Causing damage to an Elysium, the building which houses it, and/or its contents is strictly forbidden.
  • Elysium is a safe haven for all Kindred, regardless of Sect, Clan, Generation, social class, race, or belief.
  • The Traditions are to be observed at all times within an Elysium and the building which houses it.
  • The Keeper reserves the right to temporarily and/or retroactively exempt Kindred from the first two tenets if broken in the interest of protecting an Elysium and/or its inhabitants, as well as in the interest of protecting the Masquerade.
  • The Keeper reserves the right to create and enforce amendments to any of the above tenets.
  • The Keeper reserves all traditional rights of domain in regards to Elysium.
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