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Mental Flaws

[ 1 ] Deep Sleeper [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

When you sleep, it is very difficult for you to awaken. The difficulty of any die roll to awaken during the day is increased by two.

[ 1 ] Emotional Isolation [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 65 ]

You have seen too many friends and family, Kindred and kine alike, swept away on the river of time and cast into oblivion. The pain of seeing so many die while you continue to exist was horrible to bear, so horrible that you have now isolated yourself emotionally from all others. You often come across as cold and utterly without feeling, but what is that to you? You are now safe from pain. Due to your total emotional isolation, you receive a +1 difficulty modifier to any Social skill rolls involving emotions and cannot spend experience points on the Empathy Talent.

[ 1 ] Impatient [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You have no patience for standing around and waiting. You want to do things now, and the Devil take the hindmost. Every time you are forced to wait around instead of acting, a Self-Control roll is required to see if you go haring off on your own instead.

[ 1 ] Nightmares [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You experience horrendous nightmares every time you sleep and memories of them haunt you during your waking hours. Upon awakening you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) or lose a die on all actions for that night. A botched Willpower roll indicates that, even when awaken, you still believe that you are locked in a nightmare.

[ 1 ] Prey Exclusion [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

Prerequisite: Cannot be Ventrue

You refuse to hunt a certain class of prey. You might refuse to feed upon drug dealers, or policemen, or accountants, or rich people — if you accidentally feed upon such an individual, you automatically frenzy and must make a roll to prevent Humanity loss (difficulty 7). Witnessing other Kindred feeding on the object of your exclusion might also provoke frenzy, at the Storyteller's discretion. Ventrue, owing to the limitations imposed on their feeding by their clan weakness, may not take this Flaw.

[ 1 ] Shy [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people and try to avoid social situations whenever possible. Difficulties for all rolls involving social interaction with strangers are increased by two. If the character becomes the center of attention in a large group, difficulties are increased by three.

[ 1 ] Soft-Hearted [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

Prerequisite: Humanity 7

You cannot stand to watch others suffer. You avoid any situation that involves causing someone physical or emotional pain, unless you make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8).

[ 1 ] Speech Impediment [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You have a stammer or other speech impediment that hampers verbal communication. The difficulties of all die rolls involving verbal communication are increased by two. You must roleplay this Flaw whenever possible.

[ 1 ] Unconvinced [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You fail to see the need for the Masquerade, and have gone on record as saying so. Taking your stand has made you suspect in the eyes of your elders, and may have attracted the Sabbat's attention as well.

[ 1 - 5 ] Death Wish [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 65 ]

You have an unconscious wish to die the True Death. The search for blood, the politics and pain, the constant knowledge of all eternity looming ahead of you, and perhaps your own cowardice, all have their effect on you. Although you never deliberately do anything to harm yourself, you do tend to hinder yourself at awkward times. At any time during a story, the Storyteller may ask you to reroll a successful Skill check. The least successful of the two rolls is the actual result of your action. The Storyteller may do this a number of times per story equal to the number of points taken in this Flaw.

[ 2 ] Amnesia [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You are unable to remember anything about your past, yourself, or your family, though your past might well come back to haunt you. Your origins and the circumstances behind your amnesia are for the Storyteller to determine, and she is encouraged to make it as interesting as possible.

[ 2 ] Deluded [ Vampire Players Guide (Revised) — Page 28 ]

You're pretty savvy when it comes to the supematural. Or so you think. Most of what you think you know is egregiously wrong. When you find out, for example, that silver bullets don't in fact kill vampires (assuming you survive the experience), you're likely to assume that it was something weird about that particular vampire, not that your "knowledge" was wrong.

[ 2 ] Lunacy [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

You are affected by the phases of the moon, increasing your chances to frenzy. Under the crescent moon, difficulties to avoid frenzy increase by one. Under the half or gibbous moon, difficulties rise by two. When the moon is full, difficulties increase by three.

[ 2 ] Phobia [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You have an overpowering fear of something. Spiders, snakes, crowds, and heights are examples of common phobias. You must make a Courage roll every time you encounter the object of your fear. The difficulty of the roll is determined by the Storyteller, and if you fail the roll you must retreat from the object.

[ 2 ] Routine [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 66 ]

Through the ages you have settled into somewhat of a routine. You tend to go to the same places at the same time of year, and to proceed from haven to haven in a regular order. if others studied your behavior closely, they might be able to take advantage of it to do you harm. The Storyteller may lower the difficulty level for anyone attempting to surprise the character from 1 - 3 points depending on the specific nature of the situation.

[ 2 ] Short Fuse [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

Prerequisite: Cannot be Brujah

You are easily angered. Difficulties to avoid frenzy are two greater. Brujah vampires cannot take this Flaw, as they already suffer from a similar malady.

[ 2 ] Stereotype [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

You buy heavily into all of the vampire legendry you've read and heard. You wear a cape, speak with an accent and otherwise act in a cartoonish fashion. Such behavior is embarrassing in the extreme to other Kindred, who are likely to ostracize or mock you ( + 2 difficulty to Social rolls with other vampires who don't share your habits). Also, you stand out to hunters, and run the risk of violating the Masquerade every time you take to the streets.

[ 2 ] Territorial [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You are extremely territorial, staking out a particular area as your hunting ground and reacting aggressively to trespassers. If another vampire enters your territory uninvited, you must make a frenzy roll. If you fail, you immediate attack the interloper and continue attacking until the intruder has left your hunting grounds. You are reluctant to leave your territory except in desperate circumstances.

[ 2 ] Thirst For Innocence [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

The sight of innocence — of any sort — arouses in you a terrible bloodlust. Roll Self-Control, or else frenzy and attack the source of your hunger.

[ 2 ] Vengeful [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You have a score to settle, incurred either during your mortal days or after the Embrace. You're obsessed with taking your revenge on an individual or group, and it is your overriding priority in any situation where you encounter the object of your revenge. You may temporarily resist your need for vengeance by spending a Willpower point.

[ 2 ] Victim Of The Masquerade [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

The Camarilla's propaganda machine did too good a job on you. Even after your Embrace you refused to believe you were a vampire. You remain convinced that there is some logical explanation for your condition, and spend as much time as you can searching for it. You also have problems feeding, and may insist on trying to eat regular food. None of these habits makes you particularly pleasant company for other Kindred. This Flaw must be roleplayed at all times.

[ 3 ] Paranoia [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 65 ]

You are certain that the world is full of creatures and people who wish to see you destroyed. However, you do not worry overmuch about those individuals who loathe you from a distance. it is the ones you let get near you, the ones who profess some caring toward you, who are the real danger. Of course, not all your associates and so-called friends are actually your enemies (at least they probably all aren't). However, you know that no one ever does anything they don't believe to be for their own benefit. You are constantly alert for signs that one or more of your acquaintances are actually seeking to commit diablerie upon you, stake you, or worse. Whenever someone you know performs an act that appears selfless, you must make a successful Self-Control roll to resist branding them a traitorous, implacable enemy bent on your destruction (and taking appropriate actions against such a monster). The Storyteller may also decide that your companions' actions are suspiciously altruistic and necessitate such a roll.

[ 3 ] Necrophile [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 73 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

No, you don't have sex with the dead, but you certainly enjoy their company. You are obsessed with dead bodies and "invite" them over to your domain. Your haven is distastefully decorated with severed and mutilated body parts of all kinds. You talk to your dead friends, dance with them, make art out of them, and entertain frequently. Some vampires of particularly refined temperament may need to overcome a Courage roll (difficulty 4) to enter a room where you've left your guests and their accouterments. Toreador go apeshit; Toreador antitribu applaud. For some reason, this Flaw is very popular among Leatherfaces.

[ 3 ] Spoiled Beast [ Sins Of The Blood — Page 102 ]

What the Beast has had before, it wants again, and it wants it now. Any time the player must make a Willpower roll in order for her character to resist a desire, she does so with only as many dice as she has in her Willpower pool, as opposed to her rating. That is, she rolls her current Willpower as opposed to her permanent Willpower. This Flaw can be particularly debilitating when it comes to staving off hunger, for example.

[ 3 ] Weak-Willed [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

You are highly susceptible to Dominate and intimidation by others; Dominate attempts automatically affect you unless the Discipline wielder is of higher generation, and your difficulties to resist Social abilities such as Intimidation or Leadership, as well as mind-altering spells or magic, are increased by two. Your Willpower trait may never rise above 4.

[ 4 ] Conspicuous Consumption [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

It's not enough for you to draw nourishment from the blood of mortals — you believe you must also consume your victim's heart, liver, and other blood-rich tissue. Of course, this will necessitate the deaths of all of your victims (unless you are extremely creative), which might lead to numerous problems with the Masquerade and maintaining Humanity. Characters with this Flaw must additionally purchase the Eat Food Merit.

[ 4 ] Guilt-Wracked [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

You simply cannot come to grips with the fact that you must drink blood to survive. You suffer horrible guilt over each time you feed (roll Conscience, difficulty 7, or else frenzy every time you feed) and try to avoid doing so as much as possible. This means that you rarely have much blood in your system, leaving you vulnerable to both attacks and hunger-based frenzies.

[ 5 ] Uncontrollable [ Clanbook: Brujah (Revised) — Page 69 ]

Prerequisite: Brujah

Rage and passion constantly war in the soul of a volatile Brujah. Perhaps you were ill-tempered before the Embrace, or perhaps your Brujah lineage awakened some latent fury. In any case, even more so than your clanmates, you are prone to frenzy. Difficulties to resist frenzy are always 10 for this character. Prepare for a short, hellish ride.

[ 4 ] Unrepentant Beast [ Sins Of The Blood — Page 102 ]

The Beast leaves its mark on you long after it has run its course and had its way with you. If you ever botch a Self-Control (or Instinct) roll to resist (or ride the wave of) frenzy, you immediately acquire a compulsion derangement. The Storyteller should determine the nature of the particular compulsion, and you may indeed gain a wide and varied spectrum of compulsions.

Physical Flaws

[ 1 ] Blunt Fangs [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 72 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Your teeth are huge and square, not sharp like those of other vampires. To do damage with a bite attack, you must score an additional success (thus, this extra success subtracts from the amount of damage you do). Once you have sunk your teeth into the prey, you inflict a level of damage for every two blood points you take. Once your fangs are locked in a victim's flesh, you've got to chew and chew and chew.

[ 1 ] Hard Of Hearing [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

Your hearing is defective. The difficulties of any die rolls involving the use of hearing are increased by two.

[ 1 ] Short [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You are well below average height — four and a half feet tall or less. You have difficulty teaching or manipulating objects designed for normal adult size, and your running speed is one-half that of a normal proportioned human.

[ 1 ] Smell Of The Grave [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You exude an odor of dampness and newly turned earth, which no amount of scents or perfumes will cover. Mortals in your immediate presence become uncomfortable, so the difficulties of all Social rolls to affect mortals increase by one.

[ 1 ] Stench [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 72 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Even Nosferatu recoil at your horrific odor. Subtract two dice from any Stealth roll when evading any creature that can smell (unless you are upwind).

[ 1 ] Twitch [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 73 ]

You have some sort of repetitive motion that you make in times of stress, and it's a dead giveaway as to your identity. Examples include a nervous cough, constantly wringing your hands, cracking your knuckles and so on. It costs one Willpower to refrain from engaging in your twitch.

[ 1 - 3 ] Bad Sight [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

Your sight is defective. The difficulties of any die rolls involving the use of your eyesight are increased by two. As a one-point Flaw, this condition can be corrected with glasses or contacts; as a three-point Flaw, the condition is too severe to be corrected.

[ 1 OR 7 ] Devil's Mark [ Sins Of The Blood — Page 102 ]

Somewhere on your body, you have a mark of the Devil upon you. For one point, it appears as a patch of scaly skin, a "witch's claw," a mark resembling the Number of the Beast or something similar. For seven points, you have been obviously disfigured in a diabolical-looking way — vestigial wings, backward-bending knees, cloven hooves — that reduces your Appearance by one and no doubt raises all manner of questions. As if this weren't bad enough already, you're going to attract a lot of attention that may threaten the Masquerade. You may take this Flaw at either point value only if you have not made any pacts with the infernal. If you have dealt with demons, you're going to earn these all by yourself. If you take this Flaw and later earn another disfigurement through truck with demons, you must pay off the point value with experience points as soon as possible.

[ 2 ] 14th Generation [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You were created five or fewer years ago by a member of the 13th generation. Though you have 10 blood points in your body, only eight of them may be used to heal wounds, power Disciplines, raise Attributes, etc. Obviously, taking this Flaw precludes you from taking the Generation Background, and you may not start with Status, either. You are likely a clanless Caitiff, for your blood is probably too thin to pass down the distinguishing characteristics of a clan. Most 14th-generation vampires should also take the Thin Blood Flaw.

[ 2 ] Anosmia [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 73 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

You have no sense of smell or taste. The vilest odors and flavors imaginable cannot affect you; in fact, you do not even recognize their presence. You cannot attempt a Perception roll that involves either of these senses. However, any supernatural attack involving horrific odors and tastes does not affect you. Granted, Nosferatu who have surrounded themselves with unseemly funk long enough to become immune to just about any foul odor, but you simply do not recognize smells at all.

[ 2 ] Disfigured [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

A hideous disfigurement makes your appearance disturbing and memorable. The difficulties of all die rolls relating to social interaction are increased by two. You may not have an Appearance rating greater than 2.

[ 2 ] Dulled Bite [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 73 ]

For some reason your fangs never developed fully — they may not have manifested at all. When feeding, you need to find some other method of making the blood flow. Failing that, you must achieve double the normal number of successes in order to make your bite penetrate properly. A number of Caitiff and high-generation vampires often manifest this Flaw.

[ 2 ] Infectious Bite [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You lack the enzymes that allow most Kindred to seal the wounds caused by their feeding. You may not automatically lick the wounds of your feeding closed. In fact, your bites have a one in five chance of becoming infected and causing mortal victims to become seriously ill. The precise nature of the infection is determined by the Storyteller.

[ 2 ] One Eye [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You have only one eye – which eye is missing is up to you. The difficulties of all Perception rolls involving eyesight are increased by two, and the difficulties of all die rolls requiring depth perception are increased by one (this includes ranged combat).

[ 2 ] Vulnerability To Silver [ Guide To The Sabbat — Page 95 ]

To you, silver is as painful and as deadly as the rays of the sun. You suffer aggravated wounds from any silver weapons (bullets, knives, etc.) and the mere touch of silver objects discomfits you.

[ 2 - 4 ] Open Wound [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 73 ]

You have one or more wounds that refuse to heal, and which constantly drip blood. This slow leakage costs you an extra blood point per evening (marked off just before dawn), in addition to drawing attention to you. If the wound is visible, you are at + 1 difficulty for all Social-based rolls. For two points, the Flaw is simply unsightly and has the basic effect mentioned above; for four points the seeping wound is serious or disfiguring and includes the effects of the Permanent Wound Flaw.

[ 3 ] Addiction [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You suffer from an addiction to a substance, which must now be present in the blood you drink. This can be alcohol, hard drugs, or simply adrenaline. This substance always impairs you in some fashion. Storyteller will decide how this effects your character during any given situation.

[ 3 ] Child [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

Prerequisite: Must purchase the Short Flaw

You were a small child (between five and 10 years old) at the time of your Embrace, leaving your Physical Attributes underdeveloped and making it difficult to interact with some aspects of mortal society. You may not have more than two dots in Strength or Stamina, except when raising Physical Attributes with blood points, and the difficulties of all die rolls when attempting to direct or lead mortal adults are increased by two. Characters with this Flaw must also purchase the Short Flaw.

[ 3 ] Deformity [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You have some kind of deformity — a misshapen limb, hunchback, clubfoot, etc. —– which affects your physical abilities and interactions with others. A hunchback, for instance, would lower a character's Dexterity by two dots and increase the difficulty of die rolls relating to social skills by one. It is the responsibility of the Storyteller to determine the specific effects of the deformity chosen.

[ 3 ] Glowing Eyes [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

You have the stereotypical glowing eyes of vampire legend, which gives you a -1 difficulty on Intimidation rolls when you're dealing with mortals. However, the trade-offs are many; you are a walking tear in the Masquerade and must constantly disguise your condition (no, contacts don't cut it); the glow impairs your vision and puts you at + 1 difficulty on all sight-based rolls (including the use of ranged weapons); and the radiance emanating from your eye sockets makes it difficult to hide ( + 2 difficulty to Stealth rolls) in the dark.

[ 3 ] Lame [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

Your legs are damaged, which prevents you from running or walking easily. You are forced to walk with a cane or possibly leg braces, and have a pronounced limp to your stride. Your walking speed is one-quarter that of a normal human, and running is impossible.

[ 3 ] Lazy [ Guide To The Sabbat — Page 95 ]

You are simply lazy, avoiding anything that requires effort on your part. Preferring to let others do the hard work, you lounge around. For any action that requires preparation, there's a good chance you didn't properly prepare. Difficulty rolls for spontaneous Physical actions (including combat, unless it's part of a planned offensive) increase by one.

[ 3 ] Monstrous [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

Your physical form was twisted during the Embrace, and now reflects the Beast that rages inside you. Characters with this Flaw appear to be savage monsters and have Appearance ratings of zero. Even Nosferatu have difficulty interacting with such individuals.

[ 3 ] Permanent Fangs [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 73 ]

Prerequisite: Appearance Cannot Go Above 3 Dots

Your fangs do not retract, making it impossible for you to hide your true nature. While some mortals may think you've had your teeth filed or are wearing prosthetics, sooner or later you're going to run into someone who knows what you truly are. You are a constant threat to the Masquerade, and other Kindred may take steps to prevent a breach from ever occurring. You are also limited to an Appearance rating of 3 at most.

[ 3 ] Permanent Wound [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You suffered injuries during your Embrace which your transformation somehow failed to repair. At the beginning of each night, you rise from sleeping at the Wounded health level, though this may be healed by spending blood points.

[ 3 ] Slow Healing [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You have difficulty healing wounds. It requires two blood points to heal one health level of normal damage, and you heal one health level of aggravated damage every five days (plus the usual five blood points and Willpower expenditure).

[ 3 ] Withered Leg [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 73 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

For whatever reason, one of your legs does not work as well as the other. You subtract three dice when attempting any action that involves movement, and you move at half normal speed.

[ 4 ] Deaf [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 298 ]

You cannot hear. While you may ignore some applications of Dominate, you may not listen to electronic or vocal media, and the difficulties of many Alertness rolls are increased by three.

[ 4 ] Disease Carrier [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 298 ]

Your blood carries a lethal and highly contagious disease. The disease can be anything from rabies to HIV, and Kindred who drink your blood have a 10% chance of becoming a carrier as well. You must spend an extra blood point each night on awakening, or you will begin manifesting symptoms of the disease (increased chance to frenzy for rabies, reduced soak rolls for HIV, etc.).

[ 4 ] Mute [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 298 ]

You cannot speak. You may communicate with the Storyteller and describe your actions, but cannot talk to player or Storyteller characters unless everyone concerned uses Linguistics dots to purchase a commonly understood sign language or you write down what you wish to say.

[ 4 ] Putrescent [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 74 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

After you received the Embrace, your body continued to decay. The mystic processes that inhibit a vampire's natural putrefaction has little effect on you. As a result, you constantly rot. Subtract one die when your character soaks damage. If you are jarred or hit violently, roll Stamina (difficulty 6). If you fail, one of your facial features or limbs falls off. If you botch, you also take a level of aggravated damage; once this wound is healed, the missing body parts will regrow.

[ 4 ] Thin Blood [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 298 ]

Your blood is thin, weak, and does not sustain you well. All blood point costs are doubled (e.g., using blood-related Disciplines or healing damage), and you are unable to create a blood bond. Furthermore, efforts to sire other vampires succeed only 20% of the time.

[ 5 ] Contagious [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 74 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Dead bodies contain all sorts of infectious bacteria, fungi, and spores. Thanks to a rather virulent version of Nosferatu's curse, a few doomed varieties of Nosferatu retain these infections after the Embrace. Contagious Nosferatu can never interact with mortals without the possibility of spreading sickness and disease. A mortal who touches a Contagious Nosferatu must make a Stamina roll (difficulty 9) or fall prey to illness for the next week. At the end of each week, the victim must make another roll; once he succeeds, he recovers from the illness.

While this may seem like a rather crippling Flaw, it does force players to think of new ways of interacting with the human world. To maintain a sense of game balance, most other supernatural creatures have ways of dealing with the Contagious Sewer Rat's disease: Werewolves regenerate very quickly, mages can mystically remove the infection from themselves or other mages, wraiths just don't give a damn because they're incorporeal, and so on.

[ 5 ] Flesh Of The Corpse [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 298 ]

Your flesh does not fully regenerate itself once it is damaged. While you are able to heal yourself to the point of regaining full functionality, your skin still retains the cuts, tears, bullet holes, etc., which you have incurred. Depending on the nature of the damage, this Flaw will make social dealings exceedingly difficult.

[ 5 ] Incoherent [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 74 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

You are incapable of human speech. Maybe your jaw has collapsed or you've been abandoned in the sewers for too long. Pointing, grunting, wheezing, and wildly gesturing are all within your repertoire, but actually forming words is not. While a player portraying this character can describe what he is doing, the character can never utter a word. The only exception to this is communicating with animals; you can express yourself to beasts with nonverbal language.

[ 5 ] Infertile Vitae [ Guide To The Sabbat — Page 95 ]

During your Embrace, something went horribly wrong causing your blood to mutate under the stress of dying and rising again. All those you try to Embrace die. No matter what you do, you may not create any childer. However, your blood can still be used in the Vaulderie or for any other vampiric need, including making ghouls.

[ 6 ] Blind [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 298 ]

You cannot see. Characters can compensate for the loss of vision by becoming more sensitive to other sensory input, but visual cues and images are lost to them. Actions involving hand-eye coordination are very difficult to perform, especially under stressful conditions. Difficulties of all Dexterity-based rolls are increased by two. Oddly, vampires with level two Auspex (Aura Perception) are still able to use this ability, though the information is interpreted via the other senses.

Social Flaws

[ 1 ] Botched Presentation [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

When your sire presented you to the prince of the city, you flubbed it. Now you're convinced His Majesty hates you (whether he does or not). You need to succeed on a Willpower roll (difficulty?) just to stand in front of the prince or one of his duly authorized representatives without running, blubbering or otherwise making a fool of yourself.

[ 1-5 ] Dark Secret [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered, would be of immense embarrassment to you and would make you a pariah in the local Kindred community. This could be anything from having murdered an elder to being a member of the Sabbat.

[ 1 ] Expendable [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

Someone in power doesn't want you around. Maybe she wants territory you possess, or is jealous of the attention you're getting from a prize mortal retainer- the details are irrelevant. What does matter is that she has the power to maneuver you into dangerous situations "for the good of the Camarilla," and has no compunctions about doing so.

[ 1 ] Incomplete Understanding [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

The whole matter has been explained to you, but you're still not quite sure how this whole Camarilla/Masquerade thing works. Your imperfect understanding of the rules and regulations of your new existence means that sooner or later, you're going to make a mistake. It's only a matter of time.

[ 1 ] Infamous Autarkis [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 72 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

The Camarilla won't accept you as one of its own under any circumstance. The Sabbat wouldn't think of submitting you to Creation Rites — it's just not worth it. Something in your past, your reputation, or your sire's background is so abhorrent that both sects reject you utterly. You aren't just autarkis; your infamy spreads throughout both sects of vampiric society. Although you might find a coterie that's willing to work without you, they would not dare take you to any gathering of Camarilla or Sabbat vampires for fear of damaging their own reputations. The Storyteller may allow you to buy off this Flaw but only after you've completed a story in which you've resolved and overcome this social stigmata.

[ 1 ] Infamous Sire [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

Your sire was, and perhaps still is, distrusted and disliked by many of the city's Kindred. As a result, you are distrusted and disliked as well.

[ 1 ] Mistaken Identity [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

You look similar to descriptions of another Kindred, which causes cases of mistaken identity. This can prompt numerous awkward or even dangerous situations, especially if your "twin" has a terrible reputation or is wanted for some crime.

[ 1 ] Recruitment Target [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

The Sabbat wants you, and they want you bad. Every effort is being made to recruit you, willing or no, and the press gangs usually show up at the worst possible time.

[ 1 ] Sire's Resentment [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

Your sire dislikes you and wishes you ill. Given the smallest opportunity, she will actively seek to do you harm. Your sire's allies also work against you, and many elders may resent you.

[ 1 ] Sympathizer [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You have publicly expressed sympathy for some of the Sabbat's goals and policies. Your outspoken views on the subject have made you suspect in the eyes of the city's hierarchy, and you may be suspected of (or arrested for) treason.

[ 1 - 3 ] Paramour (Jilted) [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 66 ]

You had a long-term relationship (minimum 50 years) with a fellow Kindred. Although the relationship proved useful and pleasant while it lasted, you grew weary of your former paramour and ended the long-term tryst. Unfortunately, your former paramour did not take the ending of the affair well, and has apparently developed a strong antipathy for you. You both know many of each other's secrets and this has caused a stalemate thus far, but you are concerned that your ex-paramour may interfere in your affairs at some time in the future. The cost of this Flaw depends on the relative power and position of your ex-paramour in Kindred society (1 for an ancilla, 2 for an elder, 3 for a more powerful elder).

[ 1 - 3 ] Vainglorious [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 66 ]

You are boastful and know that you deserve any praise you receive. You are particularly fond of Kindred who realize their lesser standing in the face of your obvious superiority, although you tend to view any who speak well of you as more intelligent and deserving than most. Due to your arrogance and love of sycophants, you receive an increase of one to three points on the difficulty level for resisting any attempts at Manipulation using flattery (the modifier is doubled if the flatterer has a flattery specialty). The modifier is determined by the rating of this Flaw.

[ 1 - 5 ] Enemy [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

You have an enemy, or perhaps a group of enemies, who seek to harm you. The power of the enemy depends on how many points the player wishes to spend (five points indicate the wrath of a Methuselah, archmage, or other supernatural foe). Inquisitors should see the Supernatural Enemy Flaw.

[ 2 ] Bound [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

You are blood bound to another vampire. Your regnant may not necessarily treat you badly, but the fact remains that your will is not entirely your own. The knowledge gnaws at you, even as you find yourself lost in devotion to your vampiric master.

[ 2 ] Catspaw [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

You've done dirty work for someone high up in the city's hierarchy in the past — the sheriff, the primogen or even the prince. However, instead of granting you favor, your deeds have made you an embarrassment or a liability. For the moment, your former employer's concern is to keep you quiet. In the long term, it's to get rid of you.

[ 2 ] Escaped Target [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

The flip side of Rival Sires, Escaped Target means that you had targeted a mortal for the Embrace, but someone else got there first. You cannot stand the humiliation of being cheated of your prize, and fly into a rage ( + 2 difficulty to avoid frenzy) whenever you see the one who got away. This hatred may lead you into other irrational behaviors, like Embracing enemies of the neonate, creating unauthorized childer or even trying to kill your rival. Furthermore, your petty and irrational behavior is well-known and quite noticeable, and as a result you are at + 1 difficulty on all Charisma rolls until the situation is resolved.

[ 2 ] Failure [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

You once held a title in the city, but failed catastrophically in your duties. Now you are branded incompetent, excluded from circles of power and responsibility and generally ostracized by those on their way up. Your exclusion may make you a target for recruitment by the Sabbat (or so the whispers run, making you even more distrusted). Conversely, the consequences of your error — a breach of the Masquerade, an unauthorized Embrace, a lawbreaker allowed to escape-might come back to haunt you.

[ 2 ] Masquerade Breaker [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

In your first nights as a member of the Kindred, you accidentally broke the Masquerade — and were spotted doing so. Someone else covered for your mistake, but holds the favor over you. Now you exist in fear that your error will be revealed. In the meantime, your "savior" takes pitiless advantage of you.

[ 2 ] Obvious Predator [ Clanbook: Brujah (Revised) — Page 69 ]

Prerequisite: Brujah

Either your face or your immediate disposition lets people know that you have nothing good in store for them. Mortals react poorly to people who exude such a blatant air of menace, and all your difficulties for Social rolls increase by two (with the exception of Intimidation-related rolls).

[ 2 ] Old Flame [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

Someone you once cared deeply for is now with the enemy. He still attempts to play on your sympathies "for oldtimes' sake" while working against you. Unless you succeed on a contested Manipulation + Expression roll against your former friend, you do not act against him unless the situation becomes life-threatening.

[ 2 ] Rival Sires [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

Not one, but two vampires wanted to gift you with the Embrace. One succeeded, one failed — and she's not happy about that failure. Either you, your actual sire or both of you have become the target of the failed suitor's ire. Regardless, your persecutor is at + 2 difficulty to refrain from frenzy in your presence. In addition, she may well be working actively to discredit or destroy you.

[ 2 ] Uppity [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

You are proud of your new status and clan — so proud that you've shot your mouth off to other Kindred and made some enemies. Wiser vampires laugh at you and chalk your rudeness up to youth, but others regard you as arrogant and insulting. These enemies will take action to embarrass or harm you. Furthermore, you are at + 2 difficulty on all Social rolls against any vampires you have alienated through your yammering — and you may not know who they are. At Storyteller discretion, you may also be required to make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) to keep your mouth shut any time the opportunity presents itself for you to brag about your lineage, your clan or your status.

[ 2 OR 4 ] Disowned [ Vampire Players Guide (Revised) — Page 123 ]

Your sire left you shortly after your Embrace. At 2 points he gave you a contact outside your home city from whom you can acquire a basic introduction with the Kindred. Four points means you were left with a new existence when you woke up.

[ 3 ] Bound To The Council [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 67 ]

Prerequisite: Tremere

Whether because of a highly suspicious regent, a faux pas in the past, or a missive from on high, your character was bound to the Council of Seven — a condition that he hasn't escaped. This doesn't stop the character from having personal goals and motives, but love of the Tremere clan always comes first. You must spend Willpower just to go against Tremere policy; violating the oath, to your character, is literally as difficult as the blood bound thrall trying to betray her regnant. When the council or their duly-appointed representatives (read: Anyone with more Tremere rank than your character) says, "Jump," your character jumps, then waits around to find out how high before coming down.

If you somehow manage to get out of this problem, say by partaking of a Vaulderie, accepting another blood bond, or using the ritual Abandon the Fetters, your character may well find himself marked for destruction should the proper parties find out. If the blood bond wasn't enough to keep him in line, and he was enough of a threat to merit it, then destruction is the only way to be sure that he won't be a problem later. The Storyteller can and should use all Tremere resources available both to check the character's loyalty and to hunt him down like the renegade he is if he fails to make the grade.

[ 3 ] Enemy Brood [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 73 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

A brood of you fellow Nosferatu have an unceasing vendetta against you. You can run from them, but you can't hide. If you stay in the same city, they will pool whatever resources they have to make your existence a living hell. Traveling through the local sewers is a nightmare. If you flee, they will use their influence and contacts to call in favors in the next city you show your ugly mug. The Storyteller may allow you to buy off this Flaw, but only after you've completed a story in which you've resolved and overcome this social stigma.

[ 3 ] Disgrace To The Blood [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

Your sire regards the fact that he Embraced you to be a titanic mistake, and has let everyone know it. You are mocked in Elysium, taunted by your peers and actively despised by the one who should be giving you guidance. Any request or petition you make is likely to be looked down upon by friends of your sire, and your achievements are likely to be discounted.

[ 3 ] Hunted Like A Dog [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

Another sect or group of vampires —- be it an independent clan or the Sabbat as a whole — has decided that you're a target for extermination, and pursues you relentlessly. On the bright side, the enemies of your enemy may well wish to help you out, potentially garnering you allies in this one instance.

[ 3 ] Narc [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

You are known to be a snitch, an informer firmly planted in the pocket of the local sheriff, etc. Those on whom you might yet inform loathe you as a result, feeding you misinformation when they can in an attempt to discredit you. Given the opportunity, they might do you mischief. Regardless, your reputation as a full-fledged weasel precedes you, putting you at + 1 difficulty on all Social rolls against those who don't agree with your politics.

[ 3 ] Recently Arisen [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 66 ]

You have been lying in a state of torpor until very recently. The years have left you in their wake and the world has been remade in your absence. The culture shock is very jarring, and you still find it difficult to make your way in this strange new environment. Only the general flow of Kindred politics and society remains reasonably familiar; the rest of the world is gibberish. You receive a +2 to the difficulty level of rolls involving technolgoy and to social interactions with everyone save other elder Kindred.

[ 3 ] Sleeping With The Enemy [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

You have some sort of intimate connection with a member of an opposing sect or inimical clan. You may have a lover, a childe, a friend or a contact working the other side of the fence, but regardless of politics you retain a friendly (or more than friendly) relationship with your putative foe. Your close ties to someone on the other side would be regarded as treason by your superiors within the Camarilla, and if you are discovered the penalty will surely be death.

[ 4 ] Bad Liar [ Counsel Of Primogen — Page 105 ]

Regardless of how well you know the arts of subterfuge or how clever you think you are, some unconscious tell-tale sign gives you away when you are lying: A subtle quaver in your voice, a subtle facial tic, a darkly gleeful look in your eyes or something similar. All attempts to lie, regardless of the circumstances, audience or goal, are made at +2 to the difficulty.

[ 4 ] Clan Enmity [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

One clan in particular wants you dead. You have offended the entire clan, from elders to neonates, and as a result every member of that bloodline wants your head on a plate. The effects of the Flaw may manifest as anything from very public snubs and insults to actual attempts on your existence. You are also at + 2 difficulty on all Social rolls relating to members of the clan in question.

[ 4 ] Double Betrayer [ Clanbook: Tremere (Revised) — Page 67 ]

Prerequisite: Tremere

At some point in the past, your character undertook the Vaulderie. She may have legitimately tried to join the Sabbat, or perhaps she didn't know any better, or was compelled. Regardless, she now bears the mark of the Betrayer. She has since been redeemed and welcomed back into the clan's ranks, but the mark will haunt her always.

As usual with the mark, all Tremere can tell that your character betrayed the clan once. Those who know of your character's past will treat her with contempt; add two to the social difficulties for interacting with other Tremere, so long as they're loyal to the clan. Tremere who don't know the circumstances will probably assume that your character is a Sabbat traitor, and might try to capture or destroy her, or at least attempt to inform the pyramid of her whereabouts. Should your character ever fail in her reports or relapse in bad behavior, you can expect that she will be hunted down just like the Tremere do with other threats.

[ 4 ] Hunted [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

You are pursued by a fanatical witch-hunter who believes (perhaps correctly) that you are a danger to humanity. All those with whom you associate, be they mortal or Kindred, may be hunted as well.

[ 4 ] Loathsome Regnant [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

Not only are you blood bound, but you are also in thrall to a vampire who mistreats you hideously. Perhaps you are publicly abused or humiliated; perhaps your master forces you to commit unspeakable acts for him. In any case, existence under the bond is a never-ending nightmare, with your regnant serving to conduct the symphony of malice.

[ 4 ] Overextended [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

You've got your fingers in too many pies, and people are starting to notice. You have too many ghouls, too many retainers and too many influences, which means that a lot of people have a vested interest in trimming back your operations. These enemies take every opportunity to reduce your power and influence, and if that means lying, cheating or killing, so be it. Furthermore, your enemies block every attempt you make to move into new areas of control. You're boxed in, and the box is getting smaller.

[ 4 ] Probationary Sect Member [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

You are a defector. You turned traitor to the Camarilla, Sabbat, Followers of Set, or other vampiric order, and you still have much to prove before you are accepted by the Kindred you have defected to. Elders, ancillae, and even neonates treat you with distrust and even hostility, and your reputation might even sully those whom you regularly associate with.

[ 4 ] Traitor [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 74 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Oh, you're a bastard, all right, and if the other Nosferatu find out about this, they'll kill you on sight. You've been leaving information (through a designated drop point) about your alleged allies. This might involve regular emails, messages hidden at the same spot, or a package you drop off for a courier. You must betray secrets about your allies, usually the members of your own coterie, every game session. At the end of the session, you must tell the Storyteller what you've done; if you haven't been enough of a bastard, one of your secrets winds up on the local information network.

[ 4 - 8 ] Blood Hunted [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You have been made the target of a blood hunt, and for you to return to your home city is death. For four points, this Flaw means that only your home city is off-limits to you. For six, it means that the entire Camarilla is howling for your vitae.

[ 5 ] Laughingstock [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

Somehow you've drawn the scorn of the local harpies, who make you their favorite and reflexive target. You are at a + 2 difficulty on all Social rolls in Elysium and a + 1 anywhere else in the city. In addition, you are at + 2 difficulty to use Intimidation or any Dominate powers on anyone who has heard the stories mocking you.

[ 7 ] Red List [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 78 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You are either being considered for or are already on the dreaded Red List, the registry of those vampires the Camarilla most wants extinguished. Any Camarilla vampire will either attack you on sight or, more likely, call in for a great deal of help.

Supernatural Flaws

[ 1 ] Cast No Reflection [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 302 ]

You actually cast no reflection, just like the vampire of legend. This can have a very detrimental effect when trying to pass as a human. Vampires of Clan Lasombra automatically have this Flaw (and you may be mistaken for one of them if you possess this) and cannot take it to gain Freebie Points.

[ 1 ] Cold Breeze [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 79 ]

A chill wind follows you everywhere you go. While it may make for dramatic entrances, this effect also discomfits mortals (+ 1 difficulty on all appropriate Social rolls) and also endangers the Masquerade. Cold winds sweeping through executive offices or crowded nightclubs can raise all sorts of questions.

[ 1 ] Repulsed By Garlic [ Vampire: The Masquerade — Page 301 ]

You cannot abide garlic, and the smallest whiff of its scent will drive you from a room unless you make a successful Willpower roll (difficulty based on the strength of the odor).

[ 1 ] Touch Of Frost [ Vampire: The Masquerade — Page 301 ]

Plants wither as you approach and die at your touch. Your touch leeches heat from living beings, as though you are made of ice.

[ 1 - 5 ] Cursed [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 301 ]

You are the recipient of a supernatural curse. The strength and pervasiveness of the curse depend upon how many points you wish to incur. A one-point Flaw example would be if you pass on a secret you were entrusted with, your betrayal will come back to harm you in some way. A two-point Flaw example would be if you stutter uncontrollably when you try to describe what you have seen or heard. A three-point Flaw example would be if tools break or malfunction when you try to use them. A four-point Flaw example would be if you are doomed to make enemies of those whom you most love or admire. A five-point Flaw example would be if every one of your accomplishments or triumphs eventually become soiled or fail in some way.

[ 2 ] Beacon Of The Unholy [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 79 ]

You radiate palpable evil. Clergy and devout mortals know instinctively that there is something horribly wrong with you, and react accordingly. Churches and other places of worship are barred to you as well.

[ 2 ] Deathsight [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 79 ]

Everything appears rotted and decayed to you. The world appears to you as a corpse; mortals look diseased or skeletal, buildings seem decrepit, and your fellow Kindred seem to be walking, moldering cadavers. You are at -2 difficulty to resist all rolls based on Appearance, but by the same token you are at + 2 difficulty on all Perception-based rolls. In addition, you find social interaction difficult and are at + 1 difficulty on all Social-based rolls.

[ 2 ] Eerie Presence [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 302 ]

Mortals have an unconscious awareness of your undead nature, which makes them anxious and ill at ease in your presence. Because of this, difficulties of all die rolls relating to social interaction with mortals are increased by two.

[ 2 ] Lord Of The Flies [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 79 ]

Buzzing harbingers of decay swirl around you everywhere. Their constant presence makes it difficult for you to interact socially (+ 1 difficulty when appropriate) and nearly impossible to sneak up on someone or hide effectively. The buzzing of the flies inevitably gives you away — all Stealth rolls are at + 2 difficulty.

[ 2 ] Parasitic Infestation [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 73 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Other creatures live on or inside you. Exotic hemovores — chiggers, gnats, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, leeches, and unnamable bloodsucking fungal spores — consider the creases, folds, and scabrous layers of your skin delightful. Your flesh continuously twitches and writhes, and living things burrow inside you, possibly even nesting in the cavities of your body. Despite all your ingenious methods of discouraging them, this loathsome hosting will not disperse. You cannot command these vermin in any fashion; in fact, the worst of them are very defiant because they have been strengthened and corrupted by your foul vitae.

Each day, when you rise, roll one die. Divide the result by three, rounding up. The result is the number of blood points you lose to the blood-intoxicated parasites within and upon you. In addition, the constant itching puts you on edge; increase the difficulty of all Self-Control rolls by one.

[ 2 - 4 ] Stigmata [ Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised) — Page 66 ]

Prerequisite: Malkavian

You constantly seep blood from phantom wounds; even though your flesh remains unbroken, you bleed. The bleeding is fairly slight, but is incessant, costing you an extra blood point each evening (marked off just before dawn). If you bleed from visible locations (such as the palms, a common place for stigmata), you are at +1 difficulty to all Social rolls, although certain vampire will probably take your reputation as a seer more seriously.

The 4-point version of this Flaw indicates that you bleed from your eye sockets; this obviously makes it almost impossible to travel within human society unveiled, and very much disturbs other Cainites (the difficulty of all Social rolls is increased by +2 rather than +1). In addition, the constant bleeding interferes with your vision, adding one to the difficulty of all visual Perception rolls.

[ 3 ] Can't Cross Running Water [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 302 ]

You believe in the old folklore, and cannot cross running water unless you are at least 50 feet above it. Running water is considered to be any body of water at least two feet wide in any direction and not completely stagnant.

[ 3 ] Haunted [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 302 ]

You are haunted by an angry and tormented spirit, most likely one of your first victims. This spirit actively attempts to hinder you, especially when feeding, and does its utmost to vent its anguish upon you and anyone in your presence. The Storyteller determines the exact nature of the spirit, its powers, and whether or not it can eventually be laid to rest.

[ 3 ] Infectious [ Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised) — Page 66 ]

Prerequisite: Malkavian

Your bite transmits the madness of your clan. Whenever you feed from a mortal, the power of the Kiss holds them in place as normal. However, your mortal prey gains a temporary derangement for every three blood points you take from them; the madness lasts for a week or so. Malkavians with this Flaw are often the ones you hear about infesting asylums; it's the most low-key place for them to feed.

[ 3 ] Repelled By Crosses [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 302 ]

You are repelled by the sight of ordinary crosses, believing them to be symbols of holy might. When confronted by a cross, you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9) or flee from the symbol for the duration of the scene. If you botch the roll, not only must you attempt to flee, but the touch of the cross can cause aggravated damage (one health level of damage per turn that the cross touches your skin). This damage cannot be soaked, even if the vampire possesses Fortitude.

[ 3 ] Uninvited [ State Of Grace — Page 39 ]

A Kindred with this Flaw is barred from entering any private, mortal residence or household for which he has not been given an express invitation by a mortal who dwells within.

The afflicted character is personally unable to enter any private mortal residence until such time as he has secured a direct invitation by a mortal resident to enter that home. In areas with a firm tradition of hospitality, the vampire must be invited· in according to local standards; in less formal areas, the invitation must be dear and explicit. This invitation need not necessarily come from the owner of the home, but a vampire cannot bypass the power of this Flaw by having any old stranger invite him into a home for which that individual has no intimate connection. If the character manages to acquire an invitation (which must be spoken aloud by the inviting mortal), he may subsequently enter that home (only) and act freely within. Such an invitation is good for all time; for good or ill, mortals cannot decide to revoke their invitations at a later date. Still, rumors exist that certain religious groups have practices that allow a home to be "resanctified," thus cleansing the slate and requiring that any intruding vampires obtain a new invitation before being able to enter again.

This Flaw is unusual in that it can be acquired during the course of a story (as opposed to only during character generation). When a character is first accepted into the ranks of the Ashirra from without — in essence, if he comes to Islam after his Embrace — the Storyteller should grant the player the opportunity to acquire this Flaw for his character, if he doesn't already have 5 or more points worth of Flaws. The player may then spend the freebie points he receives from the Flaw as desired, subject to Storyteller approval. If the players opts not to take the Flaw, he may still have the Flaw thrust upon him or even be given another chance to acquire it voluntarily at a later date (Storyteller discretion).

[ 4 ] Grip Of The Damned [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 302 ]

There is no ecstasy in your Embrace — only terror and pain. Mortals upon whom you feed struggle and shriek all the while as you attempt to feed, requiring you to grapple with them for as long as you wish to take their blood. For vampires with high Humanity, this experience may require a Humanity roll at the discretion of the Storyteller.

[ 4 ] Unlucky Supernatural [ Vampire Players Guide (Revised) — Page 28 ]

Things just don't go your way. Every time an opportunity comes along that might let you shine, something comes along to ruin it. Once per game session, the Storyteller may increase the difficulty of a critical roll you make by 2 and not tell you about it in advance. If you fail the roll, it's due to some random element of bad luck (your knee buckling right before you pull the trigger, for example.).

[ 5 ] Dark Fate [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 302 ]

You are doomed to experience Final Death or, worse, suffer eternal agony. No matter what you do, you cannot avoid this terrible fate. At some point during the chronicle, your Dark Fate will come upon you. Even more ghastly is the fact that you occasionally have visions of this fate, and the malaise these images inspire requires an expenditure of a temporary Willpower point to avoid, or else you lose a die from all of your actions for the remainder of the night. It's up to the Storyteller to determine the exact nature of this fate, and when it will occur. This is a difficult Flaw to roleplay; ironically, though it may seem s though it removes all free will, the knowledge of one's death can be quite liberating.

[ 5 ] Light-Sensitive [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 302 ]

You are even more sensitive to sunlight than other vampires are. Sunlight causes double the normal damage, and the light of the moon can cause lethal damage in a manner similar to the sun, though it must shine directly upon you. Even bright lights hurt your eyes, requiring the use of sunglasses.

[ 5 ] Thaumaturgically Inept [ Clanbook: Tremere (Revised) — Page 67 ]

Prerequisite: Tremere

Tremere and the council took decades to develop the principles of Thaumaturgy, so it's not a "natural" Discipline. Over the centuries it has spread through the Tremere clan as a habitual practice, but a few unfortunate Tremere never seem to get the hang of it.

Your character is one such unfortunate: He effectively adds 4 instead of the normal 3 to his difficulties (to a maximum of 10) to use paths or rituals. He can still learn Thaumaturgy (higher-ranking Tremere will be happy to share their secrets so long as he earns the favor from them), but it takes real effort. Thaumaturgy still counts as a clan Discipline for him, though he can begin the story with no more than one dot.

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