Game Etiquette

Gamer Etiquette: a small guide of shit not to do so you (1) don't play like a newb and (2) don't piss off your fellow gamers.

  • PM'ing other players with derragatory remarks about their characters or play style is HARASSMENT and will NOT be tolerated. Period. If the Staff finds out any player is harassing another player in this way, the offending player will be pulled into ghelp followed with the below course of action:
First Offense Verbal Warning
Second Offense 24 Hour Ban
Third Offense Permanent Ban
  • If you are in a scene and the scene needs to be paused for whatever reason, all characters involved in the scene are paused until either a resolution takes place,the scene is finished or ALL INVOLVED PARTIES agree to a fade of the scene with summation. If you take your character into another scene while knowingly being paused in a previous scene, there will be consequences based on how the other involved characters would react to your character just ditching. This is common sense and common courtesy. Don't be a dick.
  • Please know the game you are playing, and the specifics of the character/abilities that you play. Masquerade Embraced does not require that you own every book, or that you have memorized every book. But you should be familiar enough with your own stuff that you know how to play it. If you need help with particular mechanisms or House Rules please come to ghelp and ask. But remember, unless you have the Common Sense Merit the Storytellers are only able to offer general guidelines and not specifics.
  • Be aware that this game is a heavy political Camarilla game. While many things about our setting and mechanics are by the book, many of the things are based off a real time, real life living breathing world. Things such as Lores, Influences, and some backgrounds, for example, have been House Ruled and condensed to what fits best with the Chronicle and game that is being promoted. While we understand the innate desire to throw a book at us, just DON'T. Everything on the wiki has been put there in the way that it has for a reason. Arguing is futile and will only work to anger the Staff. Which takes away from time spent running story and plot. Thanks.
  • No God-Mode. You are not telling a story from the third person view. You are playing a part in a play that continues to evolve with everything you do. Actions done in this game require rolls to complete. If you THINK that what you are doing might require a roll, it probably does.
  • OOC refers to OUT OF CHARACTER. IC refers to IN CHARACTER. This means that there are things that you (the human) knows that you (the character) does not. Keep OOC information separate from IC information. This includes but is not limited to, personal drama between other players, missives, and gossip. Breaking this rule is called Meta-gaming. There are severe repercussions if you are caught doing this. The scene will be negated, your character will be retired, and you could be banned. Please know that we often consider this a lifetime-ban-worthy offense.
  • Thought projecting is not allowed in Masquerade Embraced. Our characters cannot read your character's mind. Their thoughts should not be in any of your public posts unless you are referencing facial or body expressions that are clearly evident:

The obvious/allowed: Maria gets a 'what the fuck' look on her face and just stares blankly at the person.
The not so obvious/disallowed: Maria gets a 'what the fuck' look on her face and just stares blankly at the person, wondering what could have possibly have made her say that. I mean, its not like SHE knew that Maria knew she had actually put the knife in the Elder's back. No, how could they?

  • Don't fuss when something doesn't go your way. This includes but is not limited to losing status, losing a Court Position, or character death. All of these things happen to all players. Consider these downfalls challenges. There is so much more potential for role-play when everything is NOT going right that the Storytellers encourage these type of events occur. However, we don't force them to occur, so don't cry to us when you get your own character murdered.
  • If you have knowledge, training, or information about an in-game process, you can feel free to present your thoughts to the Staff about how it runs (i.e. how certain medical procedures are done, how law enforcement process identity checks, what times banks usually do their major cash-handling, etc), as long as it is done in a logical, polite manner. No matter what, whatever the ST's decide in the end is the final decision, and that needs to be respected. Continuing to argue after the fact will not end well.
  • While Masquerade Embraced allows a single player to have up to three characters, we will not allow a single players characters to have direct contact with one another. This includes, but is not limited to: phone calls, blood bonds, sharing of information, teaching disciplines/powers/knowledges/abilities and boons between the two. The characters are permitted to know OF one another, though we encourage information exchanges and teachings to be done through other characters via rp. If it is found that a player is doing this with their characters, a warning will be given. Further offences will result in the removal of all involved characters. This is in place to promote roleplay amongst the players and characters, and to help prevent the possibility of a meta-gaming situation.
  • Do not use shorthand text, abbreviations, or text speak in any IN CHARACTER posts. Things like ROTFLMAO and LOL will force us to beat you and then plaster your post on the forums so everyone else can make fun of you as well. The real problems is, you'll need to stop play and re-post.
  • Keep your posts to the point and hold a pace that can be considered general conversation. A normal post shouldn't take you longer than 3-4 minutes after the last post. 3-4 minutes gives you time to read what the other person wrote, edit yourself and then reply. If you take an exceptionally long time to post you will be skipped. Essays are all well and good in many channels, but we want to keep a good pace. Keep in mind that play if often conducted in the late evening hours. If you are boring or take too long the person you are playing with will become tired and sleepy, how lame!

If you are so awesome that you can multitask, playing other games and surfing the web while keeping the pace, you are officially an awesomesauce nerd. If not, pay attention to the scene, or leave it.

  • We require everyone to have a OOC Nickname used in the channel. If you are not in a scene and have no intentions of entering one, please use your OOC Nickname. Furthermore, if you are going to be idle for a period of time please either leave the server or place a -AFK at the end of your name.

Example: Lena-AFK

  • Do not idle in IC channels. If you're not actively in a scene in an IC channel you have no need to be in the channel. If your character leaves the room, then you should leave the channel.

//I.E. "Lenora gets up and walks out of Elysium to take a phone call" //

At this point, the player of Lenora should leave the Elysium channel and return when Lenora returns to Elysium.

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