Ghost Lore

Ghost Lore 1

  • They haunt a house because they want to be reunited with their love. These haunting are often accompanied by poltergeist phenomena.
  • Some say Restless ghosts are at war among themselves, for various reasons.
  • Information from newer movies (The Haunting, Ghost Ship, Lost Voyage.)
  • A lot of false rumours, myths and folklore mixed in (basically, a lot of false or inaccurate information).
  • They are everywhere!! Watching and waiting

Ghost Lore 2

  • Rapping’s one of the earliest means of spirit communication. Rapping does include thumping, knocking, tapping or bumping.
  • Reports of poltergeist disturbances cite loud noises, lights, smells, physical and sexual assault, and telephones ringing. Poltergeist activity stops as sudden as it starts.
  • It may last anywhere from a few hours to a few years. Activity usually takes place when a particular individual is present.
  • Believes any ghost will possess any power they have ever seen exhibited.
  • Sometimes they are accompanied by smells or give sensations of chills. Most apparitions seem to have a purpose such as communicating a message.

Ghost Lore 3

  • You cannot hear a ghost of the undead that does not wish to be heard
  • Invisibles are ghosts that play with children that only the child can see.
  • Some people believe these ghosts are only a figment of the Childs imagination.

Ghost Lore 4

  • Zombies exist. They are ghosts who have re-animated their corpses to rule the world.
  • The centre of a Haunted house is called the Heart which is learned from poltergeist the movie from the 80’s
  • Apparitions can appear and disappear very suddenly. They can move through walls, cast shadows and their reflection can be seen in a mirror.
  • They may appear real or sometimes may appear fuzzy or transparent.
  • Ghosts can possess people, animals, and machines

Ghost Lore 5

  • You know that ghosts are also called Wraiths
  • Rough knowledge of factions between the difference of a good ghost and a bad ghost which is called a spectre but do not know what the purpose of a spectre is.
  • They normally have a personal connection between a thing and to the person they haunt.
  • Ghosts are not something that should be taken lightly, if ignored to long they can find a way to be heard, or felt.
  • Frequently the most subtle of the Undead, ghosts masquerade as the living, often unaware of the true nature of their own existence. The lesser reveal their deceit by a slight haziness that blurs their image, while the greater bestow no visual clues. They drain energy from the living, often unknowingly, through mere proximity. Only magical weapons can release a ghost from its ties to the earth, if its focus is a person, a weapon, a treasure, a place cannot be located and destroyed or dispersed
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