Where you live completely depends on the amount of resources at your disposal. There are many variations for each level of resources, however what you will find below are good visual examples of what you can expect for what you have.

Resources 0

With Resources 0 you have nothing. Nada. Zilch. You may have whatever change you find on the street but that's it. Nothing you own has any value at all. Naturally with zero money comes…well…nothing. Here are examples of your choice in housing. A car? That's cute. Stay fit, work those leg muscles cause you're walking everywhere.

R0Apartment R0House

Resources 1

With Resources 1 you have a little more than nothing. You might have a small way of bringing in some form of income but it's barely enough to buy bologna. You might be able to afford the bologna for a sandwhich but a loaf of bread is iffy on your budget. You know that leak in your roof? Yeah you can probably afford a bucket to catch rainwater in…recycle it and use it for your bath. Your car? Well you might have one with lots of problems but it's far more than you can afford to fix. And with gas prices so high these days, how could you afford to even gas that puppy up?

R1Apartment R1House

Resources 2

With Resources 2 you're doing alright. You're not rolling in money but hey at least you have a solid roof over your house, you have some luxuries like tv, hot running water and a fridge that keeps your food cold. Your bed is old but comfortable and your clothes are worn but decent. If you choose an apartment instead of a rent house, the complex is decent and there's a good maintenance man to take care of issues that arise.

R2Apartment R2House

Resources 3

With Resources 3 you're doing pretty damn well. Welcome to middle class America! Though you're not abundantly wealthy, you can afford to splurge now and then if you budget smartly. That week of vacation from your job could be pretty eventful if you save up just right! Feeling lazy and don't want to cook dinner? That's ok, you can afford to eat out a night or three on your income. By the way…nice Prius you got there.

R3Apartment R3House

Resources 4

With Resources 4 you've pretty much gotten yourself a comfortable life. You have a good chunk of savings and can afford the higher end of luxuries. Filet Mignon every night? Sure! Your home is above quality and you probably have one of those showers that has sprayers coming at you from all directions. Lucky you. You may own a car or five. But secretly we know you have that beat up pickup truck hiding in that huge garage of yours.

R4Apartment R4House

Resources 5

With Resources 5 you've made it. Congratulations you wealthy fuck. You're the envy of poor folks everywhere. And probably the center of their disdain. Whether you have your resources through actual good merit or some kind of dirty corporate politics, it doesn't matter! You're rich! Who cares! You don't! Do you really need that limo to take you -everywhere-? Yes, yes you do. Do you have reservations at the ritziest restaurant in town? Of course, they know you by name and keep a table readily available for you all the damn time. Apartments are for poor people! High rise luxury lofts are what's in right now! But who wants that when you can have your own mansion?! Is that your name on the sign of the country club? How snooty of you.

R5Apartment R5House
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