Lores. You probably have at least three dots of them on your character sheet. They're obviously good for something. However, there is often some confusion as to precisely what each level of a Lore represents in game knowledge.

Be confused no longer! Below is a full listing of every conceivable Lore you might ever encounter during your days in Salem (and several that you had best not encounter).

Please keep in mind that the Staff will keep a close eye on what is known and not known icly. If you do not have the lore on your sheet, your character does not have the knowledge. Period. At all. Anyone caught using Lore icly that your character does not have will be docked xp in accordance with the level of lore being used illegally. i.e. Vinnie Ventrue walks around talking about things only known in Sabbat Lore 5. He does not have Sabbat Lore 5 on his sheet. He will be docked 5xp.

For Clan Lores: If you are a member of the Clan, consider Lore Levels 1 and 2 to be treated as 1 higher on your sheet for knowledge known. E.G.: A Follower of Set, with Follower of Set Lore 1 on his sheet, is considered to know everything included within Follower of Set Lore 2.

Out of Clan Lores, Out of Sect Lores, and Other Creature Lores: Please keep in mind these will be hard to learn icly. Coming in with these lores at higher than a 1 will require extensive explanation and approval from an ST beforehand.

Sect Lores

Camarilla Clan Lores

Creature Lore

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