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Mental Merits

[ 1 ] Coldly Logical [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

While some might refer to you as a "cold fish," you have a knack for separating factual reporting from emotional or hysterical coloration. You may or may not be emotional yourself, but you can see clearly when others are clouding the facts with their feelings (-1 difficulty on all Sense Deception and related rolls).

[ 1 ] Common Sense [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 298 ]

You have a significant amount of practical, everyday wisdom. Whenever the character is about to act in a way contrary to common sense, the Storyteller can make suggestions or warnings about the implications of said action. This is a very useful Merit to give to beginning players unfamiliar with the game.

[ 1 ] Concentration [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 298 ]

You have the ability to focus your mind and shut out any distractions or annoyances. Characters with this Merit are unaffected by any penalties stemming from distracting circumstances (e.g., loud noises, strobe lights, hanging upside down).

[ 1 ] Introspection [ Guide To The Sabbat — Page 95 ]

You have keen insight into the ulterior motives of all your actions. Through this nightly exercise, you also have incredible insight into the underlying motives of others' actions. Add two dice to your Perception dice pool when you must take an action against someone with the same Nature or Demeanor as you.

[ 1 ] Time Sense [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You have an innate sense of time and are able to estimate the passage of time accurately without using a watch or other mechanical device.

[ 1 ] Useful Knowledge [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

You have expertise in a specific field that makes your conversation intriguing to an older Kindred. So long as your knowledge holds the other vampire's attention, he has a vested interest in keeping you around. Then again, once he's pumped you for every iota of information you possess, that patronage may suddenly vanish. (Note: This Merit should be played like a 1-dot Mentor with a specific interest. However, unlike a Mentor, Useful Knowledge does not imply a permanent relationship.)

[ 2 ] Code Of Honor [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You have a personal code of ethics to which you adhere. The specifics of this code must be worked out with the Storyteller prior to play, and the character must follow it strictly. Characters with this Merit gain two additional dice to all Willpower or Virtue rolls when acting in accordance with their code (e.g., defending the helpless) or when attempting to avoid situations that might force them to violate their code.

[ 2 ] Computer Aptitude [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

You are familiar with and talented in the uses of computer equipment. Other Kindred may not understand computers, but to you they are intuitive. All rolls involving computers are at -2 difficulty for you.

[ 2 ] Eidetic Memory [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You remember, with perfect detail, things seen and heard. Documents, photographs, conversations, etc., can be committed to memory with only minor concentration. Under stressful conditions involving numerous distractions, you must make a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 6) to summon enough concentration to absorb what your senses detect.

[ 2 ] Light Sleeper [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger, and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. You may ignore rules regarding how Humanity/Path restricts the number of dice available during the day.

[ 2 ] Natural Linguist [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You have a flair for languages. You may add three dice to any dice pool involving written or spoken languages.

[ 3 ] Calm Heart [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

You are naturally calm and do not easily fly off the handle. You receive two extra dice when attempting to resist frenzy. Brujah may not take this Merit.

[ 3 ] Iron Will [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 299 ]

When you are determined and your mind is set, nothing can thwart you from your goals. When you are affected by a Dominate power, you may spend a point of Willpower to shake off the effects. In addition, you receive three extra dice to resist the effects of any of any mind-altering magic, spell, or Thaumaturgy paths. This Merit does not affect Presence or other powers dealing with the emotions.

[ 3 ] Patience [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 64 ]

You have learned the wisdom of patience in all things. Passions may burn brightly; but as they say, revenge is served best cold. Often, with enough patience, new avenues of endeavors open, enemies grow careless, and favors shift. Those who wait and watch are in a position to take full advantage of the vagaries of time. Due to your mastery of patience all Frenzy rolls are made with a -1 difficulty modifier.

[ 3 ] Precocious [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

You learn quickly. The time for you to pick up a particular Ability (or Abilities, at Storyteller discretion) is cut in half, as is the experience cost.

[ 4 ] Compassionate [ Clanbook: Brujah (Revised) — Page 68 ]

Prerequisite: Brujah

You have the moral character of the Brujah of old, the proud warrior-poets who did what they did because their hearts called to them. If you ever fail a Conscience (but not Conviction) roll, you may spend a point of Willpower and attempt the roll again, at a difficulty of 1 higher than the last. If you succeed on this roll, it counts as if you succeeded on the first. You may do this only once per Conscience roll: You must accept the results of the re-roll. If you botch this second roll, you lose one permanent point of Willpower in addition to any consequences of the failed Conscience roll.

[ 5 ] Disembodied Mentor [ Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised) — Page 65 ]

Prerequisite: Malkavian

The voices in your dead may tell you things, but by God, they're useful things. You have a personal guide and advisor (bought as usual through the Background: Mentor) who exists largely in your own skull. He may have been a Malkavian who uploaded himself into the Network, or perhaps he's an imaginary construct with access to the shared memories of the clan. Either way, it's exceedingly hard for your enemies to cut you off from your mentor's counsel, and it's usually pretty easy to call on his advice when you need it. Unfortunately, this Merit also has its drawbacks; your mentor can find you whenever he chooses, and can be a real distraction when you're trying to do something he finds irrelevant. You're not freed from the obligations of your relationship, either; you find yourself running errands for your mentor just as often as any other pupil would, if not more so.

Physical Merits

[ 1 ] Acute Sense [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 296 ]

One of your senses is exceptionally sharp, be it sight, hearing, smell, touch, or taste. The difficulties for all tasks involving the use of this particular sense are deduced by two. This Merit can be combined with the Discipline Auspex to produce superhuman sensory acuity.

[ 1 ] Ambidextrous [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 296 ]

You have a high degree of off-hand dexterity and can perform tasks with the "wrong" hand at no penalty. You must still use the rules for taking multiple actions, but will not suffer a difficulty penalty if, say, you use two weapons or are forced to use your off hand.

[ 1 ] Bruiser [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 73 ]

Your appearance is sufficiently thug like to inspire fear or at least disquiet in those who see you. While you're not necessarily ugly per se, you do radiate a sort of quiet menace, to the point where people cross the street to avoid passing near you. You are at -1 difficulty on all Intimidation rolls against those who have not demonstrated their physical superiority to you.

[ 1 ] Catlike Balance [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 296 ]

You possess an innately perfect sense of balance. Characters with this Merit reduce difficulties of all balance-related rolls (e.g., Dexterity + Athletics to walk along a narrow ledge) by two.

[ 1 ] Eat Food [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 296 ]

You have the capacity to eat food and even savor its taste. While you cannot derive any nourishment from eating regular foods, this ability will serve you well in maintaining the Masquerade. Of course, you can't digest what you eat, and there will be some point during the evening when you must force yourself to heave it back up.

[ 1 ] Friendly Face [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 73 ]

You have a face that reminds everyone of someone, to the point where strangers are inclined to be well-inclined toward you because of it. The effect doesn't fade if you explain the "mistake," leaving you at -1 difficulty on all appropriate Social-based rolls (yes for Seduction, no for Intimidation, for example) when a stranger is involved. This Merit only functions on a first meeting.

[ 1 ] Lizard Limbs [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 70 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

With a little bit of effort, you can shed parts of your body. When one of your appendages is restrained or grappled, spend one blood point and roll Willpower (difficulty 8). If you succeed, you can tear off that body part and wriggle away. Vampires can eventually regrow their limbs if they spend enough blood; however, if you're missing an arm or leg, you should have a -3 dice pool penalty to represent your injury. And remember to be careful: If you shed both your legs, you'll have a bitch of a time crawling away.,

[ 1 ] Long Fingers [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 70 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Your fingers are unnaturally long and spidery. You gain an extra die on any roll involving coordination or grappling.

[ 1 ] Oversized Fangs [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 70 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

You have enormous fangs, snaggly tusks resembling those of an elephant or walrus. They cannot be retracted, but they do an additional die of damage and add one die to your Intimidation dice pool.

[ 1 ] Piscine [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 71 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

You are abnormally comfortable underwater and vastly prefer swimming to walking. You get a -1 difficulty on any Physical dice pool related to underwater movement.

[ 1 ] Slimy [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 71 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Like a worm of mollusk, you have skin that secretes an oozing slime. Your difficulty to soak fire damage is reduced by one, and opponents who try to grapple you must score two more successes than normal.

[ 2 ] Blush Of Health [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 296 ]

You look more hale and healthy in appearance than other vampires, allowing you to blend with human society much more easily. You still retain the color of a living mortal, and your skin feels only slightly cool to the touch.

[ 2 ] Enchanting Voice [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 296 ]

There is something about your voice that others cannot ignore. When you command, they are cowed. When you seduce, they swoon. Whether thunderous, gentle, persuading, or simply talking, your voice commands attention. The difficulties of all die rolls involving the use of the voice to persuade, charm, or command are reduced by two.

[ 2 ] Gaping Maw [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 71 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

You've got a nasty gash where your mouth should be. It can smile, it can frown, and most importantly, it can grin two and three inches wider than any human mouth can. An ordinary vampire can suck up to three blood points in a turn. You can drain up to four points a turn, provided you can latch your tooth-filled orifice around enough skin.

[ 2 ] Projectile Vomiting [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 71 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

This talent is like the Eat Food Merit, but twice as versatile. Food comes in; food goes out very, very fast. A vampire with this ability can invest, and possibly even taste, food and drink. He cannot gain any nutritional benefit from this ordinarily digestible matter, but he can store it for later use. When this need arises, a vampire can not only disgorge his stored supply of food, but can also aim it with a degree of precision.

For the record, projectile vomiting in the Storyteller system usually requires a Stamina + Athletics roll; the difficulty is 8, and a victim can attempt to dodge this bolus of ejected victuals. Although this attack does not cause damage (save to one's pride), the type of food ejected may temporarily obscure a victim's vision, cause him to slip, or merely force him to weep with shame at a Camarilla Toreador's grand ball. Pity the poor vomit-drenched Toreador.

[ 3 ] Tough Hide [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 71 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

This, leathery skin envelops you. Add an extra die when soaking damage (for anything except fire or sunlight).

[ 3 ] Daredevil [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You are good at taking risks, and even better at surviving them. When attempting exceptionally risky actions (such as leaping from one moving car to another), characters with this Merit add an additional three dice to their rolls. Generally, such actions must be at least difficulty 8 and have the potential to inflict at least three health levels of damage if failed.

[ 3 ] Efficient Digestion [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You are able to draw more than the usual amount of nourishment from blood. When feeding, you gain an additional point to your blood pool for every two points of blood you consume. This does not allow you to exceed your blood pool maximum.

[ 3 ] False Reflection [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 71 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

When using Mask of a Thousand Faces, a Nosferatu with this Merit can create a false impression of his disguise on recording media. He can have his picture taken, show up on videotape, and even record an imitation of the subject's voice. Nosferatu without this Merit cannot disguise themselves to machines using the Obfuscate Discipline.

[ 3 ] Foul Blood [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 71 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

The vitae flowing through your veins tastes truly awful. Anyone who bites or feeds from you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) or spend the next turn choking, retching, and gagging. Any idiot who actually tries to diablerize you must make three Willpower rolls (difficulty 9) to succeed.

[ 3 ] Soothing Voice [ The Inquisition — Page 58 ]

Your voice is calm and soothing, almost entrancing. You may add two dice to all rolls that directly include use of your voice: Singing, preaching, leadership, etc.

[ 4 ] Deadened Nerves [ Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised) — Page 65 ]

Prerequisite: Malkavian

Whether it was a condition you held in life or an odd side effect of the Embrace, your nervous system is missing a few connections. You have very little tactile sense, whether pleasure or pain. The downside of this is obvious: One of your senses is greatly impaired, which can keep you from noticing important warnings. You suffer a +3 difficulty to all tactile-related Perception rolls, and the Storyteller may call for a roll to notice even the blatantly obvious; you might not even notice that you've been shot if the bullet doesn't knock you down outright.

However, your deadened nerves also protect you from pain, allowing you to ignore your wounds until your flesh is literally blasted from your bones. All penalties for wound levels are halved, rounding down; in other words, you suffer no penalties until you reach the Wounded level, where you deduct only one die from your dice pools, and even when Crippled you can still act at a mere two-die penalty.

[ 4 ] Huge Size [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 297 ]

You are abnormally large in size, at least 6'10" and 300 pounds in weight. Aside from making you extremely noticeable in public, this extra mass bestows an additional Bruised health level. Characters with this Merit may also gain bonuses to push objects, open barred doors, avoid being knocked down, etc.

[ 4 ] Patagia [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 72 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Leathery wings fold up into your horrid little body. Picture the gliding wings of a pterodactyl or a flying squirrel. Now visualize them hanging off the twisted skeleton of batlike wings. With the aid of an updraft or a strong wind, you can glide for short distances — rather useful for Nosferatu who skulk along rooftops, don't you think? Storytellers should know that a vampire with this Merit can glide at his normal walking speed.

[ 5 ] Rugged Bad Looks [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 72 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Your face is hideous, but it could almost pass for that of a really ugly human. If you were to cover every other part of your body, you could shamble into mortal society looking only slightly suspicious. While you might have a hunchback, reptilian scales over parts of your flesh, or a foul stench that never dissipates, you can actually walk among mortals — with extensive precautions — without automatically breaking the Masquerade. Other vampires give you no end of grief for not looking like a "real" Nosferatu. By the way, this is as "attractive" as a Nosferatu ever gets; no Merit will ever increase a Nosferatu's Appearance above zero.

[ 5 ] Sympathetic Bond [ Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised) — Page 66 ]

Prerequisite: Malkavian

For whatever reason, you unconsciously cause a peculiar supernatural form of feedback through the links of the blood bond. Although you're not immune to being blood bound (and cannot take the Merit: Unbondable), if you do become bound to someone, your regnant also becomes blood bound to you to an equal extent. Even if she was already blood bound to another, she now has the unenviable position of being regnant to two vampires at once. This can obviously lead to some unplanned and quite twisted codependent relationships.

Social Merits

[ 1 ] Elysium Regular [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 74 ]

You spend an unusual amount of time at the various Elysiums in your city. You see and are seen to such an extent that all of the movers and shakers ofElysium at least know who you are. Extended time spent in Elysium also gives you extended opportunities to interact with the harpies and other Kindred of that stature — and they'll know your name when you approach them.

[ 1 ] Harmless [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 75 ]

Everyone in the city knows you, and knows that you're no threat to their plans. While that sort of estimation may seem insulting, it's also what's kept you from being killed. No one considers you worth their time to deal with, and that low opinion keeps you safe. If you start acting in a way that demonstrates that you are no longer harmless, others' reactions to you will likely change as a result.

[ 1 ] Innocent [ The Inquisition — Page 58 ]

You are always thought of in the most positive light, unless evidence exists to prove otherwise. If you do something wrong and the act is not easily attributed to you, it will most likely be blamed on someone else. This does not mean that you are "an innocent" — it means everyone thinks you are.

[ 1 ] Natural Leader (Leadership) [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

Prerequisite: Charisma 3+

You are gifted with a certain magnetism to which others naturally defer. You receive two extra dice when making Leadership rolls.

[ 1 ] Prestigious Sire [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

Your sire has or had great status in her sect or clan, and this has accorded you with a certain amount of prestige. Though your sire may no longer have any dealings with you, the simple fact of your ancestry has marked you forever. This prestige might aid you greatly in dealings with your elders or other neonates, or it might engender jealousy or contempt.

[ 1 ] Protege [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 75 ]

Your sire watched you for some time before Embracing you, and spoke glowingly of you to acquaintances. These vampires may be inclined to look favorably on you by dint of your sire's recommendation; you are at-1 difficulty on Social rolls with all those who've heard good things about you.

[ 1 ] Rep [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 75 ]

Your fame has exceeded the bounds of your sect. Everyone knows who you are, what you've done and what you're supposed to have done (which might not be the same thing). The publicity can be good or bad; what matters is that everybody knows your name. Whether individuals outside of your immediate social circle know enough to match your face to your name is a different matter.

[ 1 ] Sabbat Survivor [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 75 ]

Prerequisite: Cannot be Sabbat

You've lived through at least one Sabbat attack and/or attempted recruitment. Your experience helps you anticipate situations where you might potentially be endangered by the Sabbat once again. You are at -1 difficulty on all Perception rolls when it comes to Sabbat-based matters. This Merit comes into play most frequently as a means of avoiding ambushes and the like.

[ 2 ] Bullyboy [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 75 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You're part of the brute squad the local sheriff calls on when he needs some muscle. As a result, you get in on action that others miss entirely, score points with those in power, and occasionally get a chance to act outside of the law. How far outside the law the sheriff is willing to let you go depends on circumstance and how much the sheriff likes you.

[ 2 ] Old Pal [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 75 ]

An acquaintance from your breathing days was Embraced at the same time you were. Fortunately, your friendship has endured even death and unlife, and you find a constant source of support and aid in your old friend. She expects the same of you, which isn't always convenient, but at least you each have someone to hang onto who remembers the good old nights — and days. Storyteller Note: An Old Pal should be played as a very loyal Ally.

[ 2 ] Open Road [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 76 ]

Unlike many Kindred, you like to travel. You have a solid knowledge of safe travel routes and methodologies, not to mention haven space available in any number of destinations. Unless someone out there knows your exact route and is specifically looking for you, you can move between cities unimpeded by random encounters with Lupines, overzealous state troopers and the like.

[ 2 ] Sanctity [ Guide To The Sabbat — Page 95 ]

This Merit is sometimes called the halo effect; everyone considers you pure and innocent, though not necessarily not naive. You have a saint-like quality that is hard to pinpoint but cannot be denied. You are trusted, even if you are not trustworthy. At the Storyteller's discretion, you tend to receive lesser punishments for wrongdoing, and you are liked by most.

[ 2 ] Scholar Of Enemies [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 76 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You have taken the time to learn about and specialize in one particular enemy of the Camarilla. You are aware of at least some of the group's customs, strategies, abilities, and long-term goals, and can put that knowledge to good use. This Merit is worth a -2 difficulty for all rolls pertaining specifically to the subject of your specialization. On the other hand, you are at a + 1 difficulty when it comes to dealing with other enemies, simply because you're so thoroughly focused on your field.

[ 2 ] Scholar Of Others [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 76 ]

This Merit functions identically to Scholar Of Enemies, except that it applies to a group that is not necessarily inimical to the Camarilla.

[ 2 - 6 ] Prestation Gifts [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 64 ]

One or more Kindred currently owe a boon to you. You may have gifted them with favors or material items sometime in the distant past, or just last week, but they now owe you a debt. This grants you an advantage in your dealings with these Kindred (-1 to the difficulty level of any checks to influence them). Although you would not give up your current position lightly, you may also call in this debt (or debts) should you require aid. Such aid must be commensurate with the initial value of your gift of Prestation. The number of points in Prestation Gift must be determined by both the player and Storyteller, based on the number and magnitude of the debts owed you, and the importance of the Kindred who owe them. The exact nature of this Merit should be worked into the elder character's journal or memoirs.

[ 3 ] Alternate Identity [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 76 ]

In addition to your normal identity, you've taken up an alternate role that allows you to run with another group or sect of vampires. This other self has a believable history and back story that can stand up to at least cursory checks, and he is accepted at face value (more or less) by his associates. However, your sire, Allies, Contacts, etc. don't know that you maintain this second identity, and treat this "stranger" accordingly.

[ 3 ] Childe (Loyal) [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 62 ]

Your childe's loyalty goes beyond any Blood Bond, being born of true affection and admiration. She would do almost anything to aid you, and you trust her as you do no other among the Kindred. You would be grief-stricken should anything happen to her.

[ 3 ] Embraced Without The Cup [ Clanbook: Tremere (Revised) — Page 67 ]

Prerequisite: Tremere

When your character was Embraced, her sire dispensed with Tremere tradition, or perhaps didn't have the means necessary to finish the job, or just died before it could be done right. Your Tremere was drained of blood and then brought across, but never went through the Transubstantiation of Seven. As a result, even if your character took the oath, she didn't undertake any steps toward a blood bond with the Council of Seven. Because your character has no imperative toward the Seven, her loyalty to the Tremere clan comes solely from her own conscience. Effectively, you can do as you damn well please without any unnatural feelings getting in the way.

Of course, if any loyal Tremere find out about this oversight, your character will probably wind up hauled in for the Transubstantiation of Seven, as well as some detailed questioning about why she didn't come forward to fix this oversight of her own volition. This may result in a binding to the council, or a tribunal of some sort, and ignorance may not be a valid excuse.

[ 3 ] Friend Of The Underground [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 76 ]

Prerequisite: Cannot be Nosferatu

While you're not a Nosferatu, you know your way around the sewers, tunnels, ducts, subway tubes and other subterranean passages of your home town. The local Nosferatu (and any other creatures dwelling down in the muck) may not actually like you, but they're not inclined to kill you on sight when they see you in their territory. You are at -1 difficulty on all Sewer Lore rolls, and any rolls involving the subterranean world (sneaking from place to place underground finding routes into sub-basements and so on).

[ 3 ] Mole [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 76 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You have an informer buried in the Sabbat (or, less likely, one of the independent clans or the Anarch Free States) who funnels you all sorts of information as to what her peers are up to. What you do with the information is up to you, but abusing the knowledge might be a good way to get your informer killed. The other side has spies too, you know.

[ 3 ] Reptile Buddy [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 71 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

Yes, those legends about albino alligators in the sewers really are true. You've been nursing a few of them with your vitae in the local spawning pool for years. Your careful breeding and vigilant training has produced a reptilian slave of exceptional intelligence. It has a mind as sharp as that of a five-year-old child and teeth as keen as butcher knives. The beast understands your native language perfectly and can even follow complex directions. Faster and deadlier than any human ghoul, it is a highly efficient killing machine fully capable of patrolling your domain with ruthless efficiency. Reptile buddies also love to play "fetch" with human limbs (whether attached or severed). The stats for a ghouled reptile buddy are as follows.

Physical: Strength 6, Dexterity 2, Stamina 6. Social: Charisma 0, Manipulation 0, Appearance 0. Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 1, Wits 3. Disciplines: Fortitude 2, Potence 2. Blood Pool 5. Willpower 5. Attacks: Bite (7 dice), Tail Slap (6 dice).

[ 3 ] Rising Star [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 76 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You're one of the up and comers in the city, a rising star in the Camarilla firmament. Everyone wants to know you and be your friend, even as those in power groom you for positions of higher responsibility. You are at -1 difficulty on all Social rolls against any Camarilla vampires who aren't actively opposing your ascent.

[ 3 - 5 ] Paramour [ Elysium: The Elder Wars — Page 63 ]

You have had a long-term (minimum of 75 years) relationship with a fellow Kindred. Although you may have had your disagreements over the many years, you are generally loyal to each other. You know most, if not all, of your paramour's secrets, and your paramour knows as much about you. You have both come to each other's aid several times over the years, and you would be aggrieved were anything to happen to your love. The cost of this Merit depends on the relative power and position of your paramour in Kindred society (3 for an ancilla, 4 for another elder of equal power, 5 for a more powerful elder).

[ 4 ] Broken Bond [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 76 ]

You were once blood bound but have have secretly slipped the leash, and you are free to act as you will once more. Your regnant has no idea that you are not in fact bound, and continues to treat you as if you were. At Storyteller discretion, the experience of having been bound once may render you immune to ever being enthralled again.

[ 4 ] Clan Friendship [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 76 ]

One particular clan (not your own) has a special liking for you. You might have done the clan as a whole a favor at some point, or perhaps you're just a loud voice in support of their aims. Whatever the case, you're at -2 difficulty on all Social rolls involving members of the clan in question. Of course, the reaction your cozy relationship with another clan is likely to draw from your own clan leaders is an entirely different can of worms.

[ 4 ] Natural Leader (Charisma) [ Counsel Of Primogen — Page 105 ]

From early on in your breathing days you have had a deep intuitive understanding of what motivates others, how to inspire them and how to get them excited about following you. The difficulty of all Charisma rolls aimed at rallying others (individuals or groups) to your side is decreased by 2.

[ 5 ] Dynamic Personality [ Clanbook: Brujah (Revised) — Page 68 ]

Prerequisite: Brujah

People are drawn to you, due to some characteristic you exude. You may purchase additional Backgrounds using your experience points at the end of each story — two experience points earn you one Background dot from the following groups: Allies, Contacts, herd, Retainers.

[ 6 ] Paragon [ Clanbook: Ventrue (Revised) — Page 77 ]

Prerequisite: Ventrue

The Embrace has awakened within you an aspect of personality that others find particularly compelling. You may select one Background from the following group: Allies, Black Hand Membership, Clan Prestige, Contacts, Fame, Herd, Influence, Mentor, Resources, Retainers, Status, or Status (Sabbat). Your maximum Trait score in that Background may exceed your normal generation limit by one. For example, a 10th generation vampire may take this Merit and enjoy the benefits of a Contacts Background of 6. You may take this Merit for only one Background, which may drop (and thereafter possibly rise again) at the Storyteller's discretion. Players should choose this Merit only for a Background that makes sense — a Camarilla archon is unlikely to have a Black Hand Membership Background of 7, for example.

[ 7 ] Primogen [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 77 ]

Prerequisite: Camarilla

You are part of the ruling coterie of vampires in the city in which you reside. Your voice is one of the few to which the prince must listen, and you have tremendous influence in your clan. On the other hand, there are always others plotting to take your place, making your position a precarious one.

Supernatural Merits

[ 1 ] Benevolent Blood [ Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised) — Page 64 ]

Prerequisite: Malkavian

Your blood still carries the Curse of Malkav, but its effects have been lessened just a little bit. Any ghouls you create suffer none of the usual deranging side effects of drinking Malkavian blood — they can be loaded to the gills with your blood and not come one step nearer to gaining a derangement (They might still be driven insane by life with you, though, depending on how demanding your reality is). Of course, any childer you Embrace will still gain a derangement after the Embrace will still gain a derangement after the Embrace as usual — although your vitae is easily diluted by mortal blood, the pure stuff carries the Curse as one would expect.

[ 1 ] Deceptive Aura [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 79 ]

Your aura is unnaturally bright and colorful for a vampire. You register as a mortal on all attempts to read your aura.

[ 1 ] Healing Touch [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 79 ]

Normally vampires can only seal the wounds they inflict by licking them. With but a touch, you can achieve the same effect.

[ 1 ] Immaculate Aura [ Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised) — Page 64 ]

Prerequisite: Malkavian

Whether because of your iron control or some fluke of chance, your aura does not give away your insanity. The aura doesn't shift or swirl at all, even when you're confused, frenzied, or in a psychotic fit.

[ 1 ] Inoffensive To Animals [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 79 ]

With rare exceptions, animals usually despise the Kindred. Some flee, others attack, but all dislike being in the presence of a vampire. You have no such problem. Animals may not enjoy being in your company, but they don't actively flee from you.

[ 2 ] Attuned Taste [ Clanbook: Tremere (Revised) — Page 66 ]

Prerequisite: Tremere

For whatever reason, your character finds blood magic instinctive — more so than for most Tremere. When your Tremere tastes blood, she naturally tastes the subtle currents and occult correspondences in the vitae. To her, it's not even magic; it's just a heightened state of taste stemming from the Embrace and the Tremere clan's long experience with blood.

When your character tastes blood, she may' automatically glean one fact about the source, as per the level one Path of Blood power, A Taste for Blood. No blood cost or roll is required; the vampire simply garners information as if with one success. You my still choose to use the Discipline itself in order to gain more specific information, in which case the normal systems apply and the results of the Discipline use supersede this affinity.

This affinity is not always beneficial — your character may accidentally taste undercurrents of fear, extraordinary power, or poison in vitae, and such tastes can cause nausea or incapacitation at the Storyteller's discretion. This sensitivity cannot be turned off.

[ 2 ] Magic Resistance [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

You have an inherent resistance to the rituals of the Tremere and the spells of the mages of other creeds and orders. The difficulty of all such magic, both malicious and beneficent, is two higher when directed at you. You may never learn the Discipline of Thaumaturgy.

[ 2 ] Medium [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 300 ]

You possess the natural affinity to see and hear spirits, ghosts, and shades. Though you cannot see them, you can serve them, speak to them and, through pleading or cajoling, draw them to your presence. You may call upon them for aid or advice but there will always be a price. AT STORYTELLER'S DISCRETION ONLY!

[ 2 ] Sleep Unseen [ Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised) — Page 71 ]

Prerequisite: Nosferatu

You can use the Obfuscate Discipline to hide while you sleep during the day. Such prolonged use of this ability requires an extra blood point to keep your body hidden for a full day. Of course, you must at least be hidden from sunlight, and vampires using the Auspex Discipline can still detect you, but mortals will ignore your very presence. This is a useful Merit for Nosferatu emissaries and travelers; many would perish without it.

[ 3 ] Hidden Diablerie [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 79 ]

The tell-tale black streaks of diablerie do not manifest in your aura.

[ 3 ] Lucky [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 301 ]

You were born lucky — or else the Devil looks after his own. Either way, you may repeat any three failed rolls per story, including botches, but you may try only once per failed roll.

[ 4 ] Prophetic Ability [ The Inquisition — Page 58 ]

God speaks to you in signs and portents, visions and images. Some visions may be precognitive, while others might be warnings or advice. You can not request or induce a prophetic vision; they come on their own. These visions will range from the obvious to the symbolic; the exact nature and effect of the visions is up to the Storyteller. This Merit should provide dramatic moments, and players should not come to rely upon them for plot resolution. AT STORYTELLER'S DISCRETION ONLY.

[ 4 ] True Love [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 301 ]

You have discovered, perhaps too late, a true love. He or she is mortal, but is the center of your existence, and inspires you to keep going in a world of darkness and despair. Whenever you suffer, the thought of your true love gives you the strength to persevere. This Merit grants you one automatic success on all Willpower rolls, which can be negated only by a botch die. This can be a great gift and also a hindrance, for your true love may require protection and occasional rescue.

[ 5 ] Additional Discipline [ Guide To The Camarilla — Page 79 ]

Prerequisite: May only take this Merit one time

You can take one additional Discipline (Storyteller discretion) as if it were a Clan Discipline. All costs to learn that Discipline are paid out as if it were native to your clan. A character can not take this merit more than once.

[ 5 ] Slow Degeneration [ Counsel Of Primogen — Page 105 ]

Your Humanity is strong and can more easily withstand the Beast's assaults. The difficulty of all Conscience rolls is only 6 (instead of the customary 8). This degree of moral resilience allows a well behaved vampire to lose Humanity at a much slower rate than would otherwise be possible. For those who don't value Humanity, however, it simply means that the Cainite can wreak a bit more havoc before falling to the Beast.

[ 6 ] Nine Lives [ Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) — Page 301 ]

Fate has granted you the opportunity to come as close to Final Death as anyone can get and still survive. When a roll occurs that would result in your death, the roll is made again. If the next roll succeeds, then you live — and one of your nine lives is used up. If that subsequent roll fails, then another roll is made until either a successful roll occurs or your nine lives are used up. The Storyteller should keep careful count of how many lives the character has remaining.

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