New Innsbruck Docks and Shipyard

Lacing much of the land bordering the water, New Innsbruck’s docks are sizeable for an inland, lake-bound city. Containers of goods are shuffled on and off of the large barges and freighters that act as one of the city’s lifelines. Piles of the containers are stacked in seemingly endless rows in the dockyards, containing everything from precious gems to furniture and electronics.

Staffing is heaviest during the day, and the docks employ a large number of citizens in positions both blue collar and white collar alike. At night, some staff remain behind for the odd night-time delivery. The container yard is always monitored, both by video camera and patrolling security at any time of day or night.

The docks were built pre-1900 and have been in use ever since. Although there have been renovations over the years, the overall aesthetic is somewhat rusty and dated. New Innsbruck’s docks are used primarily for industry purposes, and not pleasure. There are no luxury cruise liners that dock in this city.

There are likely several smaller docking areas for private craft that citizens may rent or purchase spots in, but they are removed from the busier work area.

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