Nickname: Sewer Rats

Sect: Camarilla


Quote: "Come here, little boy, howsabout a kiss? [phlegmy, wheezing hack] Whazza matter? Big bad gangbanger's scared now? Don't so much like being a victim, heh? Well, get used to it, 'cuz you ain't seen the half of it!"

Caine's childer are called "The Damned," and no vampires embody this more fully than the wretches of Clan Nosferatu. While other vampires still look human and may travel in mortal society, Nosferatu are twisted and deformed by the curse of vampirism. Other Kindred speak shudderingly of Caine placing a mark upon the entire clan for the monstrous deeds of its Antediluvian founder. As such, Nosferatu find themselves loathed and ostracized by the other Children of Caine, who consider them disgusting and interact with them only when they must.

Following the Embrace, Nosferatu childer suffer an agonizing transformation as, over the subsequent weeks, they warp from humans into hideous monsters. The horror of the physical devolution often produces an accompanying psychological trauma. Unable to walk among the kine, Nosferatu must dwell in subterranean sewers and catacombs forever after.

Nosferatu often choose physically or emotionally twisted mortals for the Embrace, seeing in the curse of vampirism a possible means of redemption for the mortals. Amazingly, there seems to be some Merit to this belief. Many Nosferatu are surprisingly levelheaded and practical, avoiding the obsessions, fits, and rages of their fairer brethren. Not that this makes the Sewer Rats particularly pleasant to be around; indeed, some Nosferatu come to delight in the shock and horror their grotesque appearances inspire in others.

Finally, millennia of shared deformity and abuse have fostered strong bonds among the monsters. Nosferatu forgo the squabbling and feuds ubiquitous to the other clans, preferring to work in unison. They treat each other with meticulous politeness and freely share information among themselves. To mess with one Nosferatu is to mess with them all — and that can get messy indeed…

No two Nosferatu look precisely alike, but all are hideous. Gaping fang-filled maws, discolorations, tumors, holes in place of noses, bat-like ears, sloping bald heads, twisted spines, claws, wrinkled hides, pustulent sores, and webbed fingers are just a few possible deformities possessed by Nosferatu. An existence in sewers and crypts tends to ensure that most Nosferatu smell about as good as they look.

Their disfigurement forces most Nosferatu to take havens far from the eyes of mortals, in graveyards, abandoned warehouses, and cellars. In large cities, entire broods of Nosferatu lair in sewers and subway systems. These "kingdoms," particularly the older ones, are often much more extensive than mortals or Kindred are aware — subterranean labyrinths stretching deep into the darkness and guarded by monstrous ghouls. Even princes treat warily with the Nosferatu kingdoms.

Nosferatu choose their progeny from society's castoffs: Derelicts, the mentally ill, and the hopelessly antisocial. Occasionally, a vindictive Nosferatu choose to Embrace a beautiful, vain mortal, then watch gleefully as the Curse takes hold.

Character Creation

Nosferatu can have any concept, but often come from loner, outsider, or drifter stock. Physical or Mental Attributes are often primary (Social are rarely anything other than tertiary). Stealth is highly prized among the clan, while Survival allows a Sewer Rat to find shelter in the blighted zones Nosferatu favor. Nosferatu occasionally have retainers in the form of ghoul animals, or even a human ally or two, but Backgrounds are rarely predominant among the clan.


As mentioned, Nosferatu are absolutely loathsome to look at. All Nosferatu have Appearance ratings of zero — cross the automatic dot right off the character sheet. Nor may they improve Appearance with Experience Points. Most Social actions based on first impressions, except intimidation and the like, fail automatically.


While Nosferatu don't have the rigid protocols that mark clans such as the Tremere and Ventrue, their shared deformity creates an exceptional clan unity. Shunned and reviled by other creatures, Nosferatu stick together out of equal parts necessity and loneliness.

Nosferatu Clan Guide

This is taken from a guide found with a google search. It was chosen as it was perfect to explain the clan in a nutshell for those who are new to Vampire: The Masquerade.

Playing a Nosferatu presents unique opportunities to explore the setting and themes of the Masquerade genre that aren’t necessarily as viable in other clans. The story of Clan Nosferatu is a tragic tale of survival horror and inevitable doom. The Nosferatu are monsters that fear even greater monsters; they are creatures united out of common birth-plight, and more importantly, a common drive for survival. The Nosferatu’s birthright is their curse.


The Nosferatu are not like other kindred, and they generally don’t want to be. They are closely bound together through their curse and their inability to interact easily with the rest of the world without the use of supernatural powers. This shared experience and bond has caused Nosferatu culture to become one of embracing their lives as outcasts, making the Warren their home, and having an underground society all their own. In truth, once beneath the sewer grate, the world is a very different place. The Nosferatu are organized in close, tight knit groups known as Broods within a city which generally reside under the city in the Warrens. Although Broods often will set goals for themselves such as improving the Warrens, gathering information on a particular piece of obscure lore or keeping tabs on a new coterie in the city, such participation is entirely voluntary.

Due to their shared curse, Nosferatu treat each other differently than kindred interacting of another clan. There is a baseline assumption of honesty within the clan. For all the lying and deception that occurs in the rest of the kindred world, one’s reputation within the clan is based on forthrightness and honesty. Those who would deceive or lie to their own clansmen find themselves being ignored or worse. While a staunch part of the Camarilla, age and power means little when you have the right piece of information. Even the youngest neonate with the pulse of the city can gain an Elders or even a Princes ear.

Nosferatu value experts of subject matter and understand that while an Elder might have more to offer the clan in their areas of focus, that doesn’t mean that a younger kindred might not have a better understanding of their own topics of specialty. The aloof culture of the Nosferatu also causes the clan to culturally direct their focus away from traditional social elements and instead direct their energies toward other pursuits. The foremost among these pursuits are pursuits of knowledge. The past, present, and future of every circumstance, as well as the reasons behind these circumstances holds potential value. Those Nosferatu with accurate, rare, and more timely information are celebrated, while those with inaccurate, commonly held, or useless information are shunned. For a clan that publicly seems to pride itself on their antisocial behavior, the worst punishment a Sewer Rat could endure is being labelled an outcast, banished and abandoned by the Brood. There are far greater dangers lurking around the Warrens than Clan Nosferatu; nothing is more terrifying than realizing that you are truly alone and doomed.


Any Sewer Rat can offer to sponsor a clan gathering in the Warrens to discuss the latest news or crisis. When a swarm of Nosferatu all ooze into the same place, it’s called a Hosting. The vampire who calls it is responsible for providing a time and place to meet, as well as the ambience such gatherings demand. As the monsters assemble, they regard each other with respect and gentility, showing a curiously high regard for hospitality. While other vampires may cynically regard this as an affectation, it is quite sincere. Wading through shit is miserable enough; treating other Nosferatu like shit is simply unacceptable. Additionally, Hostings are not only for city level intrigue, but can extend to agendas beyond, as visiting Nosferatu from surrounding areas and abroad are encouraged to attend these gatherings to contribute. Hostings are also used by the Nosferatu to trade information, share news, show off, and generally engage on a social level that other vampires often deny them. They often have a specific purpose or theme beyond the social. Hostings are called to discuss the history of the Clan, current politics, or as massive swap meets for favors, information, construction techniques, or occult lore —depending on the attendents and location. Hostings are also for Regional and National events as well, though attempting to organize one is best done with plenty of supporters. Some Elders sponsor neonates to Host and have competitions on who can hold the most entertaining or information filled event in a given time frame. As Nosferatu 'social trends' go, this is a growing one.

Sewer Life

SchreckNET is a Nosferatu-centric computer node where the clan trades rumors and innuendo. On the rare instances when someone is rumored to be able to break into this network, the Nosferatu simply disappear and coalesce somewhere else. This is done to ensure that when inevitably there is a leak, the information gleaned is minor and does not lead back to anyone in particular. Consequently, a kindred is judged on this forum not by their age, potency of blood or their friends in the Camarilla, but rather by how they can assist the clan, and the quality of information they bring to the discussion. This is represented by the Nosferatu mailing list, in our Chronicle.


The Nosferatu are well known for taking up residence in the Warrens under the sewers of their domains. These lairs are often created through the use of animals who are empowered through the use of Spawning Pools, carefully burrowing below the sewers creating catacombs in which members of the clan reside. Traps are frequently placed throughout the area to ensure that whomever comes wandering into the Warrens is unable to reach the Nosferatu without being discovered, and is dissuaded from continuing in the attempt to violate the area. Mechanics change for Nosferatu Spawning Pools: While they remain in the Warrens, Reptile Buddy and animal retainers enhanced with Spawning Pools may be treated as individual creatures (rather than minor actors) and gain an additional physical trait or health level, for each level of Animalism (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Elder, Master) the spawning pool creator possesses. A character may only maintain a single spawning pool at a time. Standard animals which are not purchased as retainers gain no mechanical benefit from the spawning pool

Nosferatu Factions

It is said that knowledge is power. This has an even deeper meaning to the Nosferatu and what price is paid and to whom it comes from is up to that kindred alone. These things are the things that Nosferatu don't talk about, to non-Nosferatu.

The stereotypical archetypes (Cleopatras, Leatherfaces, etc.) from the Nosferatu Clanbook are perfectly valid and exist in varying degrees. The following are past or current factions and are left a bit ambiguous to allow players who may wish to take up the mantle and revive or keep them going. If a brood of Nosferatu decide to call themselves by a name, the rest of the Clan isnt opposed to it. Progressive Kindred who are like minded may flock to a banner or certain espousal of anothers belief but consensus states that all Nosferatu are of the same blood and are therefore, one Clan.

The Ivory Horde

This band of Sect Fanatics hasnt been seen in years- whether they were hunted or simply disbanded, one claiming such affiliation hasn't made themselves public with such a declaration. If someone were to unearth details about the Ivory Horde, perhaps someone else might be willing to pay, to know more. Up front, of course.

The Whispering Horde

This Horde serves to watch out for the clan first and foremost and prevent new atrocities from afflicting the clan. These kindred deal more in ancient lore than current knowledge and motives compared to the other factions. Specialists in knowledge of the clans whom the Nosferatu are currently part of the Camarilla with, the clan as a whole, and the kindred condition are found here. The Whispering Horde hold no special relationship with the Sabbat Nosferatu, the Creeps, but aren’t above trading information with them in the right circumstances to improve the clan’s position. Likewise, information on those of other clans is worth sharing if it benefits the clan to do so. Though they rarely refer to themselves as “Whisperers” or any other moniker, they are most often fond of simply being Nosferatu.

Rat Kings

The Rat Kings look out at the sects and the clan and forge their own path for their own reasons. They are still found in broods and are often part of the Camarilla or Anarch Movements. They may assist in the formation of a Warrens, or even share information with a clansmen or a Prince, but the Rat Kings do so because it serves their purposes for shelter or to gain information in return not out of a sense of family or duty. The Clan as a whole does not hold anything against those who wish to go their own way or avoid interaction with others. They are still clansmen and still welcome. Those who comprise this group come from all ages and are usually jaded by trauma, rejection by others, or simply haven’t had to rely upon either the sect or the clan in any meaningful way. The Rat Kings often follow the idea that doing something for ideology and kindness only causes you to be stepped on in the end, and instead perform tasks they are well suited for in exchange for what they need to survive and prosper. Some Rat Kings instead serve in an almost mercenary fashion, obtaining whatever information is needed in the moment for appropriate payment. A Rat Kings will trade information on almost anyone provided it gets them what they want.

Prominent Nosferatu NPCs

The Niktuku (Vasilisa, Abraxes, Nuckalavee, Gorgo, Echidna, Azazel) - These are the creatures which cause fear in the hearts of even the eldest of the clan. The childer of Absimillard who actively seek the destruction of the rest of the clan. They have been responsible for the deaths of innumerable Nosferatu over the years and even speaking their names is thought to draw their attention toward the speaker.

Federico DiPadua (7th Generation) - One of the Camarillas best known Archons; as he has served more than half a dozen different Justicars over the reasons. Federico first came into prominence at the Conclave of 1595 where he was a major part of the fight to hunt down the Sabbat responsible for the attack and has served the sect with fairness and justice. In 1999, he was rendered into torpor by Archbishop Francisco Domingo de Polonia during the assault to retake New York City from the Sabbat and only recently returned to service. He is a prominent member of the Ivory Swarm.

Gerard Rafin, aka Uncle Smelly (9th Generation) - Administrator of the most recent adaptation of SchrekNET along with numerous other members of his Brood. He is terrified of the Niktuku and believes that only through modern technology can the clan hope to survive against such creatures. He is a prominent member of the Whispering Horde.

Dondinni (6th Generation) - Loremaster specializing in new bloodlines, especially the Daughters of Cacophony. He can be found by those seeking knowledge in those subject matters, but those doing so should have a good reason and be willing to perform a task to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. He is best described as one of the Rat Kings.

The Shinigami (Unknown Generation)- A seemingly neutral Rat King with no clear agenda beyond being in the right place at the right time when an unwitting Sewer Rat makes a catastrophic decision. There are many tales of The Shinigami’s origin and political affiliation, some as bizarre as even being Inconnu. Many Sewer Rats dismiss these accusations however in favor of the theory that The Shinigami gets his rocks off on watching the demise and horrors brought upon by the jyhad.

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