Sabbat Lore

Sabbat Lore 1

  • A close-knit group of vampires exist and they're fighting for their freedom;
  • The Elders are the enemy;
  • Freedom is everything;
  • Be loyal to your Brothers and Sisters in the Sabbat, and it is better to die than betray them;
  • A basic knowledge of Creation Rites, usually based on direct personal experience-the shovel, the grave, and the cup;
  • May have experienced one or two of the Auctoritas Rituals;
  • Live with the Beast. Don't fight it.
  • Basic pack structure and its workings;
  • Has heard horror stories of the Antediluvians and their lackeys-the Camarilla elders;
  • Knowledge of the Vinculum, Monomacy, and many common Auctoritas Rites;
  • Freedom of the individual occurs through loyalty to one's Brothers and Sisters;
  • Basic knowledge of the Code of Milan (as words only);
  • May know of a few other city or nomad packs;
  • Has heard frightening rumours of the Black Hand and Sabbat Inquisitors;
  • Likely knows basics about one or two Sabbat Paths (usually the one they follow).

Sabbat Lore 2

  • Basic history of the Sabbat;
  • Basic Sabbat structure, ideology, and tactics;
  • Can identify nearby cities as either Camarilla or Sabbat;
  • Name a number of Bishops and Archbishops;
  • Has heard of the Loyalist movement;
  • How some local leaders interpret the Code of Milan;
  • May know basics about many of the Sabbat Paths;
  • May have seen/participated in some of the Ignoblis Rites;
  • Knows about War Parties and Wyld Hunts.

Sabbat Lore 3

  • Detailed knowledge of most Auctoritas Rites and how they are conducted;
  • Knows something about the Convention of Thorns;
  • May also know many of the Ignoblis Rites;
  • Many ways the Code of Milan can be interpreted;
  • The many forms of Sabbat justice;
  • Knows of the existence of the four Sabbat Revenant Families (Grimaldis, Obertuses, Bratoviches, and Zantosas);
  • May have heard vague rumours about one or more of the Sabbat Bloodlines (Ahrimanes, Kiasyd, or Blood Brothers);
  • Understands something about the politics within the Sabbat, the principal factions and their goals;
  • Has suspicions about Lasombra/Tzimisce politics within the sect;
  • Recognize the danger of Infernalists.
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