Specialty Lists

The following document lists numerous possibilities for players to choose a specialty for any given Attribute or Ability, as well as mage Spheres.


Included below are possible specialties for characters who’s Attributes exceed Level 5. This allows a superhuman being to capitalize on his natural ability. Note that if an Attribute is only at superhuman levels in certain forms (for example, a werewolf’s Strength when in Crinos form), the specialty can only apply at that time. Such specialties are listed under the Legendary lists.


Strength: able-bodied, broad shoulders, brutish, buff, bulging biceps, focus power, hearty, hulking, husky, large, lifting, long jumping, massive, mighty, powerful, puissant, ripped, rocklike fists, solid, steel grip, sustained carrying, wiry
Legendary: crushing, draconic, herculean, monstrous, titanic

Dexterity: agile, athletic, catlike reflexes, coordinated, deft, delicate, fleet-footed, flexible, graceful, gymnastic, light touch, limber, lithe, nimble, perfect balance, quick, smooth-motioned, steady, supple, sure-footed, swift, willowy
Legendary: elastic, fluid, lightning fast, rhythmic, mercurial

Stamina: aggressive, dedicated, determined, durable, enduring, forceful, formidable, hardy constitution, hell-bent, high-pain threshold, resilient, relentless, robust, stalwart, steadfast, stubborn, sturdy, tenacious, tireless, tough, unmovable, unyielding
Legendary: diamond-hard, hard-boiled, insusceptible, marathonic


Charisma: amusing, captivating, charming, classy, commanding, compelling, confidant, congenial, cultured, diplomatic, eloquent, folksy, genial, gracious, gregarious, inspiring, irresistible, magnetic, outgoing, pleasant, regal, rustic, savoir-faire, sensual, smooth, sophisticated, sweet, trustworthy, urbane, well-mannered, winsome
Legendary: exalted, rapturous, saintly, sublime, unearthly

Manipulation: blarney, bravado, calculating, charming, conspiratorial, controlling, crafty, cunning, deceitful, devious, double-talker, eloquent, expressive, forked tongue, glib, influential, ingratiating, legalese, logical, Machiavellian, maneuvering, patient, persuasive, remorseless, resourceful, scheming, silver-tongued, slick, sly, smooth, sophist, subtle, tactful, underhanded, witty
Legendary: ambrosial, devilish, irrefutable, punctilious, puppeteering

Appearance: alluring, beautiful, bold demeanor, captivating, comely, cuddly, curvaceous, cute, delightful, dignified, erotic, exotic, fragility, glamorous, gorgeous, handsome, honest face, hot, imposing, innocent, inspiring, look of the eagles, luminous, noble, pleasing, pornographic, pretty, provocative, roguish, seductive, sensual, sexy, shapely, slinky, striking, stunning, stylish, wild
Legendary: ageless, apollonian, bewitching, divine, dreamy, immaculate, jaw-dropping, terrifying


Perception: apprehensive, astute, attentive, canny, clueful, detail-oriented, discerning, empathic, feral, insightful, instinctive, intuitive, keen-eyed, observant, paranoid, patient, probing, sensitive, sharp hearing, vigilant, visionary, wary, watchful
Legendary: clairaudient, clairvoyant, enlightened, presentient, umbrageous

Intelligence: analytical, astute, bookworm, brilliant, calculating, clear thinker, cognitive, creative, discerning, discriminating, erudite, genius, innovative, inventive, knowledgeable, logical, plotting, pragmatic, rational, researcher, resourceful, sagacious, savvy, scheming, scholarly, scientific, sharp memory
Legendary: fertile-minded, labyrinthe, omniscient, utopian

Wits: apt, calculating, clear-headed, clever, combat nerves, creative, direct, extemporaneous, flexible, free association, impulsive, instinctive, insults, jumpy, levelheaded, one step ahead, practical, quick, reactive, resourceful, sharp, shrewd, skillful, spontaneous, survival, wily
Legendary: adroit, pre-emptive, supercomputer, unconscious


Talents (Primary)

Alertness: ambushes, bodyguarding, crowds, danger sense, forests, noises, paranoia, point guard, search, spectres, streets, traps, vigilance

Athletics: acrobatics, aerobics, bicycles, body building, climbing, general fitness, running, swimming, team sports, track & field, tumbling, any specific sport

Awareness: animals, aura reading, byways, dragon (ley) lines, dragon nests (nodes/caerns), haunted houses, spirits, talismans, true jade, the undead

Brawl: armlocks, body slams, boxing, disarms, dirty fighting, fancy fighting, grappling, gratuitous violence, kicks, knights, multiple opponents, on home territory, punches, showing off, sparring, wrestling

Dodge: blocks, finding cover, dive, duck, flips, leap, multiple opponents, running away, sidestep, slippery

Empathy: backgrounds, deep motivations, emotions, family problems, fears, love connections, personalities, spirits, truths

Expression: after-dinner speaking, comedy, game design, impromptu, innuendo, meetings, mimicry, off-the-cuff remarks, poetry, politics, prose, rabble-rousing, radical, talk radio, (see below)

Instruction: drill sergeant, lore, metaphysics, rites of passage, traditions, university, any specific Ability

Intimidation: battle cry (kiai), icy stare, implied pain, massive property damage, military, overt violence, political, social, veiled threats

Intuition: animal instinct, discernment, dumb luck, flashes of inspiration, gambling, insightful, nose for trouble

Leadership: brainstorming, commands, compelling, dictatorial, field leadership, friendly, gain trust, long-term planning, military, noble, oration, sway opinion

Streetwise: chicken strips, drugs, fencing, finding info, gangs, nightclubs, picking pockets, slang terms, trashpicking

Subterfuge: baldfaced lying, changing the subject, diversions, false testimony, fast talk, financial scams, finding weaknesses, flattery, gossip, innuendo, intrigue, little white lies, seduction, selective omission

Talents (Secondary)

Biorhythms: breath control, circulatory system, enduring pain, fasting, fertility, total system shutdown

Blatancy: conjuring tricks, drug trips, gadgets, religious miracles, smoke screens

Bribery: bureaucrats, inspectors, open “gifts”, police, under-the-table

Carousing: anecdotes, bon mots, drinking, exaggeration, lewd jokes, sexual innuendo

Debate: informal, logic, low blow, lowbrow, morals, politics, social discourse, trivia

Diplomacy: etiquette, industry, international relationships, mediation, negotiation, personal relationships, tact

Expression (Artistic): abstract, caricature, charcoal, classical, decoration, folk art, impressionist, kinetic, lighting artist, metals, miniatures, mixed media, models, oils, photo-realism, resin, sketching, set design, stone, watercolors, wood

Expression (Oral): anecdotes, ballads, demagoguery, epics, folk tales, homiletics, inspirational, jokes, lies, proverbs, speeches, true stories, vote-catching

Expression (Poetic): blank verse, classical forms, deadlines, deathless art, editing, extemporaneous, jingles, journalism, limericks, lyric writing, novel, short fiction, scripts

Fast-Talk: confuse, convince, get off the hook, sell

Fire Walking: bonfires, leaping, showing off, torches

Gambling: card games, dice games, one-armed bandits, roulette

Gossip: misinformation, rumormongering, sifting for the truth

Haggling: advanced technology, art, automobiles, contracts, weapons

Indoctrination: electro-shock techniques, individual breakdown, mind-bending, repetition drills

Interrogation: bribes, good cop/bad cop, double-talk, implied questions, moral blackmail, subtle, threats, trickery

Intrigue: alliances, betrayals, feigning ignorance, gossiping, plotting, rumormongering, threats

Masquerade: breathing, hiccups, producing skin tone, simulating heartbeat, sneezing, warming one’s skin, while sleeping

Mimicry: accents, birds and animals, celebrities, mechanical sounds, vocal impersonation

Misdirection: concealment, confusion, feints, leading, theft

Negotiation: bullying, business, families, hostages, paranormal, politics, scams, trickery, wheedling

Networking: celebrities, contact info, favors, internet, politics, research, secrets, tickets, underworld

Newspeak: buzzwords, disinformation, malapropisms, neologic, slogans, spin control, techspeak

Panhandling: the rack, sob stories, targeting, yuppies

Pickpocket: chains, getaways, jewelry, pockets, purses, watches

Power-Brokering: blackmail, high finance, making friends, media, politics, schmoozing, underworld

Psychoanalysis: childhood, Ericksonian, Freudian, holistic, humanist, Jungian, neurosis, psychosis, research, self, sympathy, terminology, wiccan

Scan: assassins, keeping watch, listening, quick scan, smelling

Scrounging: art, chimerical items, illegal goods, magickal tomes, services, technical equipment, vehicles, weapons

Search: concealed doors, people, small objects, sounds, woodwork

Seduction: alluring looks, innuendo, opening lines, witty conversation

Sense Deception: courtroom, interviews, investigative, technical (polygraphs)

Swimming: distance, lifesaving, racing, sea, survival

Throwing: balls, frisbees, hunting, moving targets, rocks, target, a specific weapon

Ventriloquism: clarity, distance, dummy, inanimate object

Talents (Tertiary)

Drinking: binges, contests, prolonging sobriety, soirees, staying conscious

Flight: aerobatics, combat maneuvers, dive-bombing, high-altitude surveillance, tailing

Fortune-Telling: augury, crime-solving, death, elemental portents, entrails, i ching, joss sticks, palmistry, prophesy, romance, scrying, tarot, telephone psychic

Style: classic, ethnic, high fashion, retro, runway, sidhe wilders, street fashion

Skills (Primary)

Animal Ken: animal husbandry, cats, dogs, farm animals, horses, parrots, raptors, wild animals

Crafts: blacksmithing, candlemaking, carpentry, detail, engraving, evaluate, inscription, inventive, leatherworking, machinery, organization, pottery, sculpture, sewing, stonemasonry, swordsmithing, woodworking, working quickly, (see below)

Drive: bad weather, construction vehicles, curves, evading pursuit, farm equipment, heavy traffic, ice, limos, motorcycles, off-road, race cars, stick shifts, stunts, sudden stops, tailing, trucks

Etiquette: business, compromise, correspondence, dining, foreign customs, formality, high society, negotiation, seduction, shen courts, soirees, street culture

Firearms: custom ammo, fast reload, handguns, heavy weapons, machine guns, quick draw, rifles, shoot-outs, shotguns, sniping, sprays, trick shots

Martial Arts: acrobatics, animal styles, chi-channeling, chops, counters, elbows, kicks, knees, leg sweeps, locks, pressure points, punches, sparring, throws

Meditation: biofeedback, centering, enduring elements, foci, mantras, mudras, new age, rage, relaxation, resisting hunger, staying motionless, tantric, transcendental, virtual reality, willpower, yogic, zen, any specific sense

Melee: axes, blunt objects, chains, clubs, disarms, knives, improvised, staff, swords

Performance: action films, enchant audience, evoke emotion, guitar solos, hardcore, juggling, religious awe, roleplay, storytelling, villains, while drunk, (see below)

Research: arcane collections, folklore, online data, oral traditions, any specific Knowledge

Security: burglar alarms, cat burglary, computer systems, design, electronics, fast, hot-wiring, hypertech, light-based systems, prisons, safe-cracking, speed, silently, tricks, vaults

Stealth: camouflage, city, concealment, crawling, crowds, floors, follow, hide, lurk, prowl, shadows, silent movement, wilderness

Survival: arctic, desert, foraging, hunting, jungle, marsh, scavenging, tracking, urban

Technology: appliances, automobiles, computers, electricity, electronics, engines, invention, magickal devices, security systems, transports, (see below)

Skills (Secondary)

Acrobatics: asai moonsault, balance beams, contortions, falling, flips, jump, martial arts, Olympic events, swing, tumble

Animal Training: barghests, dragons, familiars, hellhounds, snake charming, any specific kind of animal

Artillery: aiming, desert, forward observation, jungle, line-of-sight, night fighting, out-of-sight, radar, urban

Blind Fighting: dodging, dueling, indoors, multiple foes, punching

Camouflage: arctic, jungle, mountains, open country, urban, woods

Climbing: buildings, cluffs, free-climbing, hiking, ice, rappelling

Crafts (Blacksmith): armormaking, art, blademaking, cast iron, pattern-welding, spot-welding, toolmaking, wrought iron

Craft (Blood Preparation): easy-to-prepare meals, intoxicants, Kindred poisons, recognizing/analyzing tastes, spices

Craft (Body Alteration): arms, coloration, designs, moliation, piercings, splittings, vicissitude

Craft (Brewing/Distilling): beer, fairy brews, industrial alcohol, mead, moonshine, spirits, wine

Craft (Carpentry): construction, furniture, quality items, repairs

Craft (Chi-Shaping): fooling spirits, pure ephemera, a specific elemental manifestation, a particular context (color, texture variation, etc.)

Craft (Cooking): bread, Cajun, campside, Chinese, Chow, cordon bleu, desserts, French, Indian, Italian, pastries

Craft (Farming): barley, corn, cotton, exotic, fruits, green veggies, maintaining equipment, management, out-of-season products, rice, tobacco, traditional, wheat

Craft (Gardening): bonsai, bushes, flowers, inside plants, trees, wild fauna, zen gardens

Craft (Glassworking): artistic, cobalt, dishes, repair

Craft (Gunsmith): black powder weapons, field repair, invention, magnum/supercharged ammo, specialty ammo

Craft (Interior Decoration): architectural blending, feng shui, minimalism, neatness, new age

Craft (Jeweler): antique, appraisal, crystal, gems, gold, platinum, silver

Craft (Leatherworking): armor, clothing, riding tack, special-interest items, utensils

Craft (Origami): airplanes, animals, birds, boats, towers

Craft (Pottery): models, moldings, sculptures, vessels

Craft (Scribing): ancient languages, calligraphy, decorative techniques

Craft (Stewardship): bartending, cleaning, organization, paperwork, parties, porter

Craft (Stonemasonry): artistic, construction, digging, floor work, tiles

Craft (Taxidermy): embalming, preserving, tanning, techniques of Frankenstein, trophies, victims

Craft (Weaponsmith): arrows, blades, bows, flexible weapons, personalized, staffs

Disguise: conceal own identity, make-up, specific person, type of person, wigs

Energy Weapons: bounced shots, close combat, field modifications, heavy weapons, mass destruction, micro-G, repair, small arms, sniper

Falconry: attack/defend, display, exotic birds, history, hunting

Fishing: big game, fly-tying, ice fishing, live bait, net, rod & line, saltwater, spear, survival, whaling

Heavy Weapons: desert, friend from foe, gunship, jungle, loading, night fighting, urban battles

Helmsman: combat, crisis situations, long-range trips, navigation, near-ground operations

High Ritual: bacchanals, funerals, hermetic mysteries, outdoor festivals, religious ceremonies, weddings

Hunting: arctic, bush/scrub, bygones, coastal, desert, forest, jungle, mountain, predators

Jetpack: boot-jets, combat, deep universe, high speeds, micro-G, stunts

Lockpicking: alarm systems, combination locks, key-operated locks, mag-card locks

Microgravity Operations: combat, EVA, low-G, micro-G, tumbling, vacuum suit

Parachuting: display, escape, HALO, mass deployment, skydiving

Performance (Acting): comedy, faked emotions, impersonation, improvisation, mimicry, misdirection, religious awe, seduction, silver screen, stage, TV

Performance (Dancing): ballet, disco, ecstatic, ethnic, foxtrot, jazz, latin, modern, polka, show, swing, tribal, two-step, waltz

Performance (Instrumental): composition, orchestra, solos, any specific instrument

Performance (Singing): bawdy songs, chanting, church, easy listening, lyrics, musicals, pop, opera, ritual, rock

Scuba: cold water, deep-sea, recreational, reef

Skiing: cross-country, downhill, ski-jumping, snowboarding, stunts

Technology (Biotech): biomechanisms, cloning, cybernetics, floronics, genegineering, nanontech, radical modification, repair

Technology (Electronics): control systems, information systems, radio/TV

Technology (Hypertech): anarchtech, computers, earthbound vehicles, etherite theories, improvisation, microtech, netgear, repair, weaponsmith

Technology (Jury-Rig): bench thumping, found objects, high-tech, MacGuyver miracles, repairs, scraps

Technology (Mechanic): cars, domestic, electrical, inventions

Tightrope Walking: bicycle riding, distractions, phone lines, somersaults

Tracking: deer, identification, rock, urban, wolf

Traps: cages, deadfalls, nets, pits, snares, stakes, a specific species

Skills (Tertiary)

Archery: arched flight, combat, crossbows, forests, hunting, kyudo, moving targets, primitive, quick shot, slings, target

Boating: inflatable, kayaks, motorboats, naval battle, oared, paddle, rapids, sailboats, seamanship, storms

Demolitions: car bombs, detection, disarmament, dynamite, elementals, Forces effects, plastic explosive

Do: acrobatics, animal styles, chi-channeling, chops, counters, elbows, kicks, knees, leg sweeps, locks, pressure points, punches, subduing enemies, throws

Escapology: arm locks and holds, boxes, handcuffs, locks, magic tricks, ropes, showmanship, speed, underwater

Fast-Draw: arrow, knife, pistol, rifle, sap, shotgun, shuriken, sword

Fire Eating: breathing it back, extinguishing flames, flaming knives, “holding the heat”

Forgery: bonds and bills, documents, drawings, handwriting, paintings

Game Playing: acquire, checkers, chess, go, harpoon, mah jong, risk, stalingrad

Hypnotism: behavior modification, hypnotherapy, interrogation, past-life regression

Lip Reading: accents, drunks fast talkers, poor lighting, surreptitiously

Massage: acupressure, relaxation, physical therapy, sexual arousal

Photography: art, forensics, photojournalism, photolithography, portraits, X-ray

Pilot: autogyros, balloons, blimps, commercial/transport jets, corporate jets, dogfights, experimental, fighter jets, gliders, hang gliders, helicopters, hovercrafts, light planes, long distances, microlights, night flying, prop planes, takeoffs and landings, thermals, urban flight, vintage planes

Ride: bareback, bygones, camel, chimerical beasts, elephant, galloping, horse, jumping, mounted archery, mounted combat, mule, no hands, speed, tricks

Sleight of Hand: amuse, conceal item, produce item

Speed Reading: cramming, fiction, newspaper, research, technical

Torture: avoiding accidental death, devices, electricity, exotic methods, flagellation, intimidation, Life magick, mental torment, mind games, no marks, pain by proxy, pins & needles, prolonging life, psychological, razor blades, raw brutality, sheer agony, soul-flaying, tools


Academics: education, grammar, history, mathematics, philosophy, theology, (see below)

Computer: coding, data shredding, design, graphics, hacking, hardware, retrieving data, surfing, virus programs

Cosmology: astral travel, byways, celestines, deep dreaming, deep umbra, denizens, dragon (ley) lines, horizon, incarna, the labyrinth, navigation, near dreaming, near umbra, realms, shadowlands, tempest, trods, weird shit

Culture: politics, religion, taboos, any specific societal group (“ghetto”, yuppie, bushmen, Traditions, Camarilla, etc.)

Enigmas: ancient, crime mysteries, koans, life, riddles, satori, twisted plots, verbal, visual, wordplay

Investigation: collecting evidence, criminal minds, detective work, document research, forensics, locate informant, prowl, search, serial killers, tail

Law: bending the rules, courts, contract, copyright, corporate, criminal, customs, defense, divorce, federal agencies, international agencies, jurisdictions, law offices, litigation, local beat, occult crimes, police procedure, prosecution, punishments, real estate, tax codes, any specific supernatural society (Technocracy, faeries, Sabbat, etc.)

Linguistics: curse words, diplomatic, “dead tongues”, epithets, perfect accent, political, romance, reading ancient texts, simultaneous translation, technical, theatrical

Medicine: acupuncture, bedside manner, childbirth, disease, emergency care, herbal, holistic, homeopathy, paramedics, pharmaceutical, physical therapy, poison treatment, psychiatry, surgery, traditional, any specialized field (neurology, oncology, pediatrics, etc.)

Metaphysics: alchemy, astrology, divination, eschatology, gematria, herbalism, numerology, sacred geometry, sacred tongues, thanatology, (see below)

Occult: angelology, cults, curses, fairies, famous researchers, folk magic, ghosts, new agism, predictions, qaballah, Satanism, spells, talismans, vampires, witches

Politics: bluffing, bribery, bureaucracy, bypassing the system, city, coalition building, congress, delay, diplomatic, dogma, elections, grass-roots, heraldry, international, intrigue, national, negotiation, neighborhood, nihilism, oration, radical, realpolitik, shen courts

Science: astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, engineering, metallurgy, nuclear physics, physics, practical applications, relativity, theoretical, (see below)

Knowledge (Secondary)

Academics (Accounting): governmental, large corporation, small business, taxes

Academics (Architecture): gothic, houses, office buildings, public works

Academics (Business): advertising, bookwork, competition, personnel, tax cuts, visionary

Academics (Classics): Chronicles of the Monkey King, Confucius, Homer, Lo Shu, Tao Te Hsien, Yomi tomes

Academics (Economics): international, laissez-faire, private sector, public sector, stock markets, taxes

Academics (Ethnology): adaptability, economic dynamics, environmental changes, legal evolution

Academics (Finance): accounting, black markets, bonds, buyouts, corporations, currency, fencing, futures, investments, international trade, laws, litigation, secrets, stock markets, takeovers

Academics (Fine Arts): American, classical, ethnographic, impressionists, masters, primitive, Renaissance

Academics (Heraldry): mercantile, modern, a specific nation, a specific period

Academics (History): Africa, Americas, artistic, Asia, Australia, classical, economic, European, intellectual, medieval, modern, political, renaissance, social, technological

Academics (Literature): American, Asian, classical, drama, English, European, Islamic, medieval, novels, poetry, short stories, a specific genre

Academics (Logic): computer applications, philosophy, puzzles

Academics (Mythology): afterlife, Celtic, cosmologies, creation myths, eschatologies, Greek, Native American, Norse, Persian, soteriologies

Academics (Paleography): bibliography, diplomatics, epigraphy, sigillography

Academics (Philosophy): Aristotle, astika, empiricism, ethics, existentialism, idealism, legalism, Marxism, Nietzsche, nihilism, perceptions, Platonian, rationalism, Socratean, Taoism, utilitarianism, Zen

Academics (Theology): agnosticism, animism, Branch Davidian, Buddhism, Christianity, comparative, deism, Hinduism, Judaism, liberation, Muslim, syncretionism, theaology

Computer Hacking: data retrieval, magickal protections, networking, telecommunications, viruses

Covert Culture: agency heads, black bag ops, current status, gossip, investigations, operations, organization, “paraintelligence”, personnel, secret societies, special projects, tactics

First Aid: artificial respiration, broken bones, CPR, diagnosis, Heimlich maneuver, terminology

Media: advertising, blackmail, celebrity endorsements, conspiracy, elections, entertainment, foreign markets, internet, international, leverage, local news, manufacturing consent, military, movies, multi-media, politics, regulations, scandals, sex, smear campaigns, spin control, subliminals, total fiction, TV

Police Procedure: APBs, autopsies, detectives, reports, rights

Science (Anthropology): ancient, physical, social, theoretical, a specific culture

Science (Archaeology): Central America, classical, Egyptian, excavation, paleoecology, paleopathology, prehistoric Europe, underwater archeology

Science (Astronomy): big bang theory, black holes, dark matter, galaxies, nebulae, novas, planets, quasars, extrasolar systems

Science (Biology): botany, microbiology, paleontology, zoology

Science (Chemistry): analysis, biochemistry, inorganic, molecular, organic, safety

Science (Criminology): criminal psychology, Jack the Ripper, serial killings, unsolved crimes

Science (Cryptography): ancient styles, black ops, decryption, letter shifts, mathematical encryption, military secrecy, morse code, mystical codes, obscure character sets, secret languages, software encryption, weird logic

Science (Ecology): biosphere management, climate change, endangered species, global warming, rainforests

Science (Engineering): air, automotive, domestic, invention, maintenance/repair, marine

Science (Forensics): ballistics, fingerprints, pathology, scene of crime

Science (Genetics): biochemistry, cloning, defects, diseases, genegineering, microbiology

Science (Geology): engineering, geomorphology, paleontology, petrology, prospecting, volcanology

Science (Mathematics): calculus, imaginary numbers, mechanics, pure mathematics, statistics, syntax

Science (Metallurgy): copper alloys, conductions, experimental, high-stress alloys, iron, steel

Science (Meteorology): local area, predictions, theoretical, TV

Science (Naturalism): arctic, coastal, desert, forest, jungle, mountains, plains

Science (Parapsychology): hauntings, ley lines, psychic powers

Science (Pharmacopoeia): herbal meds, hypermeds, magical brews, mundane meds, psychoactives, street drugs

Science (Physics): aerodynamics, applied, astrophysics, electronics, hydrodynamics, kinetics, mechanics, nuclear, optics, thermodynamics, theoretical

Science (Plague-Breeding): African strains, black death, biological warfare, mass devastation

Science (Psychology): animals, applied theories, behaviorism, children, cognitive, developmental, dreams, experimental, Freudian, Jungian, humanist, psychiatry, questioning

Science (Sociology): corporate applications, deviance, dialectical materialism, gender roles, globalization, labeling, postmodernism, social evolution, stratification

Science (Toxicology): analysis, antidotes, chemical poisons, instant poisons, magical, plant-based poisons, slow-build poisons, undetectable poisons, venoms, Yomi toxins

Secret Code Language: chapter & verse, graffiti, hung society, language of flowers, ninja hand signs

Terrorism: “celebrities”, domestic terror, ideology, Islamic, kidnapping, networks, secrets, sponsors, tactics, weapons

Vice: bars, blackmail, bribery, drugs, forbidden thrills, gambling, important players, nightclubs, parties, sex, strip clubs

Knowledge (Tertiary)

Area Knowledge: dragon nests, enemies, geography, history, laws, politics, territories, transportation, wildlife

City Secrets: alliances, betrayals, chantries, constructs, Elysiums, freeholds, gossip, haunts, havens, hidden power-players, oversight, problems, protocol, rivalries, sanctums

Conspiracy Theory: aliens, Ascension War factions, assassinations, cults, Elvis sightings, government cover-ups, hoaxes, Illuminati, media exposures, roleplaying games, Satanic underground, supernatural creatures

Military Science: large-scale, modern, one-on-one, phalanx, sabbat, sieges, technocratic

Navigation: aerial navigation, cross-country treks, fast fades, getaways, maritime navigation

True Names: anatomy, animals, demons, elementals, individual beings, lords/incarna, minions/gafflings, mythic creatures, paradox spirits, preceptors/jagglings, umbral courtiers

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