The Warrens

The Warrens

Nestled beneath the craggy mountainside of New Innsbruck, beneath the old networks of mining tunnels and monastic crypts, past vast lakes of toxic hydrogen sulfide and pitch black cavernous tunnels, buried in the bowels of the city where transit cops and maintenance workers instinctively learn that there are places in the darkness you dare not tread, the Nosferatu of New Innsbruck have made their home. A true testament to their clan's ability for creating underground kingdoms, the New Innsbruck warrens are among the most developed in the New World. With parts older than the city itself and additions as recent as a few years, the warrens have been constantly evolving since their creation. Construction originally began under Warren Chief Claus Heimmlersmarch and a small number of Neonates. By 1836, the role of Warren Chief was dismantled and maintenance, construction, and overseeing has been handled by the denizens of the warrens as a whole ever since.




Entering the warrens is no easy feat, and for those who don’t know how to navigate it’s complicated, dangerous, and disorienting ingresses it’s nearly impossible. To some, the most impressive aspects of the New Innsbruck Warrens are it’s intricate entryways which sprawl to connections all around the greater city area.

The Dark Jungle

The oldest part of the warrens the Dark Jungle, grants access to tunnels all along the river, lake, and parts of the Industrial District. Sprawling damp caverns, some entirely submerged, intertwine and overlap past subterranean springs which emit dangerous levels of Hydrogen Sulfide, resulting in a horrid rotten egg smell and a toxic environment for humankind. Beyond these toxic lakes lies a disorienting alien land filled with strange flora and fauna. Watery caves glow with an exotic bioluminescence from mushrooms, glowworms, giant moths, and other strange and fantastic creatures. At the jungles core, man-sized toadstools sprout from the earth, glimmering vines of glowing polyps dangle from dripping cavern ceilings, and slimy lichen seems to slither about the cave floors.

The Labyrinth

Getting it’s name from obvious inspiration, the labyrinth is the Nosferatu’s connection to various mining tunnels, crags in the mountainsides, and scattered spots around the suburban areas of the city. The second oldest areas of The Warrens, unlike the dark jungle which has its origins in natural sources, the labyrinth is entirely Nosferatu made. Large bleak tunnels swirl around each other in untraceable and disorienting ways. It is designed to be as unnavigatable, and only those with the know-how or great fortune will find success in traversing its hallways.


The most recent additions to the warrens are the Antechambers. While direct and much faster than any other entrances, the Antechambers prove to be the most grueling and treacherous than either of the alternatives. The deeper into the antechambers one gets, the more difficult they become to traverse. At first, claustrophobia-inducing tunnels crammed with garbage, sewage, and filth, eventually spill out into the first antechamber. The room is void of natural light and smells unpleasantly of mildew, sewage gases, and decaying matter. Beyond this are two pathways, one wrought with modern-age booby traps and the other providing a slightly safer, though unpleasant route - the tunnel walls are teeming with blood-gorged roaches, slugs, rats and other vermin that feed from the warrens Spawning Pools. The second antechamber is far less lively, decorated with massive heaps of bones from all varieties of creatures. Beyond that, the tunnels become so short, most must crawl on their hands and legs. The walls and floors become coated with slick, slippery muck and a gentle incline quickly breaks into a full on vertical plunge. If one does not know the timing of when to reach and grab for the ledge to the next tunnel, they find themselves plunging into a nearly inescapable quagmire, particularly convenient for unwanted guests.

Great Hall (Chamber of Horrors)

The Great Hall lies in the most defendable area of The Warrens. All entrances lead into the Great Hall whose design is an elegant mix of Nature vs Man. It’s a meeting hall, animal den, fallout shelter, and ballroom all in one. Detailed baroque architecture carved into the cavern walls fade into the natural crags of stalagmites and stalactites. An elegant crystal chandelier is suspended from the ceiling, lit with the bioluminescent fungi of the Dark Jungle. In the center of the room is a large table and chairs overlooking the glowing pools leading toward the entrances. Various hallways at the other end lead to additional areas of the Warrens.

Holding Pens

The brig. Jail. This is where the serious offenders of clan Nosferatu go. It’s a pretty safe bet that if someone from outside the clan finds themselves in here, they probably won’t be leaving alive. In some extreme cases, kindred under the protection of the Nosferatu have been given asylum and afforded safe stay inside the holding pens, though they were taken there under the stake, and removed under similar circumstances for secrecy reasons.

Spawning Pool

Just as the vitae flows through them, the Nosferatu’s vitae flows through their Warrens. A small hole, the size of a rat leads away from the main room to another tiny cavern only accessible by small vermin and insects, beyond this the slow stream of blood infused grime seeps its way into the dark jungle paving way for the fantastic creatures found within. The vermin feeding directly from the spawning pool have been strengthened and deformed by the blood and outsiders best beware of their territorial nature.

Shadow Gallery

The Shadow Gallery is a combination of a lounge, common area, art gallery, and library. The room smells of mothballs and musty basement as large bookshelves line the far walls filled with literature, reference texts, and other ponderous tomes. A number of display cases line the center walkway showcasing a variety of artifacts, trinkets, and what not. A dusty grand piano is set up in the corner of the room and fixed to the wall opposite the entrance is an ornate, evolving tapestry detailing several Nosferatu bloodlines.


The Newsroom is the work center of the Warrens. A series of desks are scattered about the room adorned with computer monitors and CCTV screens, and intermixed with weathered filing cabinets and server hardware. Bright fluorescent lights provide a productive work environment and the most illuminated area in the entire warrens.

Server Nest

The Server Nest is the core hub of the Nosferatu’s power source and home to the local SKC network. A massive bank of data servers spew out cables that disperse in all directions through the ceiling, floors, and wall. Warning! High Voltage Area!


Tucked in the back of the newsroom is a smaller workshop area for more physical endeavors. The room is stocked with a plethora of power and hand tools, as well as various scrap pieces and salvaged materials to suit a number of purposes.

Living Quarters

All along the corridors connecting the three main rooms are smaller off-shoot rooms for the inhabitants personal areas. While a number are claimed there are still plenty that remain vacant (and always room to expand more!)

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