Toreador Lore

Toreador Lore 1

  • Understands that Toreador are passionate about arts and humanities.
  • Toreador attend art shows, high society galas, and media events.
  • You know that all Toreador have an affinity for beauty, and that they become enthralled when confronted by certain aesthetic objects.
  • You know that Toreador often feel it is their Clan's duty to "preserve" the great artists of the era by granting them the Embrace.
  • You know that Toreador often arrange themselves into cliques known as "guilds".

Toreador Lore 2

  • Can briefly summarise local Toreador views of other clans in their sect. Would have to do some digging to gain a regional perspective.
  • Knows the names of the major Guilds, including their basic functions, focus, and structure.
  • Knows there are lineages, and may be able to name a few houses. However, may not know if they are major or minor houses.
  • You know the basic social classifications generally given to Toreador. They are Poseurs, those Embraced for their physical beauty; Artistes, those Embraced for their artistic skill; and Burnouts, those who have become jaded and inhumane.
  • May have attended (or even assisted in the hosting of) a Salon.
  • You have at least heard, in passing, of Legendary Toreador, such as: Rafael de Corazon, one of the Founders of the Camarilla and the "spiritual father" of the Masquerade; and Tannit, the supposed lover of the Brujah Troile who followed him to Carthage.

Toreador Lore 3

  • Knows Toreador specific events and rumours from 1400 to present time, or history of Clan Toreador that spans the character's lifetime, whichever is greater.
  • Knows the names of each Grand Master for each Guild, all of the members of your Guild. (This information is not available to Sabbat PCs)
  • Knows the proper etiquette for attending a Grand Salon.
  • Can name some of the minor houses in Toreador.
  • You are aware that the antitribu of Toreador blood do not share the artistic fixation of their parent Clan. Instead, these monstrous Roses are compelled to inflict harm upon others.
  • Understands the differences between the various Toreador gatherings, and may have even been personally invited to a Salon.
  • You are familiar with the myths of the Toreador’s founder (be it Arikel the Sculptor or Ishtar the Bulldancer).
  • You have at least heard, in passing, of famous Toreador such as: Melinda Galbriath, the antitribu who is a former Regent of the Sabbat; and Michael, alleged childe of Arikel and the former ruler of Constantinople until madness overtook him and he believed himself to be the archangel whose name he bore.

Toreador Lore 4

  • Knows Toreador-specific events and rumours from Ancient Greece to present time (does not include Minoan Crete, First City, or Second City).
  • Knows the general history of Constantinople, the city of Michael. (However, the character is unlikely to know kindred-specific details about the death of Michael and the fall of Constantinople.)
  • May have encountered or spoken with one the Ray`een al-Fen, the Islamic Toreador.
  • You are aware of (but may not necessarily be able to contact) the Major and Minor Houses within Clan Toreador.
  • Can wrangle an invitation to major Toreador Balls or Grand Salons; knows the etiquette of how to host Salons and may know enough etiquette to effectively host a Toreador Ball. This does not create special cause or justification to know about or obtain Cross-Sect interactions.
  • You are familiar with a number of Toreador-centric legends or myths (such as “the Lovers” of the Second City, the Minotaur and/or the prevalence for rumours regarding famous artists who have been allegedly Embraced within the clan)
  • May know about some portions of the Book of Nod relating to the Toreador.
  • You are well-versed in the mythology of the Toreador Founder (be it Ishtar or Arikel) and may have heard legends of his/her interactions with the other Clan’s Founders.

Toreador Lore 5

  • Knows Toreador specific events and rumours through the history of the clan, including the legends of the First City and Second City, as related from the Toreador perspective
  • Knows of the rare Toreador coteries/groups/orders, and might have a means to contact a member.
  • Knows the history of the guilds. Can generally identify a Toreador's guild affiliation.
  • Owns or knows significant portions of the Book of Nod that relate to the Toreador. Have heard that there are fragments that may have additional Toreador information.
  • Knows how to host a Grand Salon with all the proper etiquette.
  • You have heard stories of a Toreador singer who so desperately wished to improve her art that she made a pact with the Fae, and disappeared into one of their barrows back in the Middle Ages to learn from them. You have heard rumours to the effect that this is the true origin of the Daughters of Cacophony.
  • You are a scholar in the history of Clan Toreador. You are intimately familiar with all of her myths, legends and histories.
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