Nickname:* Blue Bloods

Sect: Camarilla


Quote: "The guidance of the damned is my burden."

The Kindred of Clan Ventrue have a reputation for being honorable, genteel, and of impeccable taste. From time out of mind, Ventrue has been the clan of leadership, enforcing the ancient traditions and seeking to shape the destiny of the Kindred. In nights of old, Ventrue were chosen from nobles, merchant princes, or other wielders of power. In modern times the clan recruits from wealthy "old money" families, ruthless corporate climbers, and politicians. Whatever their origin, Ventrue vampires preserve stability and maintain order for the Camarilla. Other Kindred often mistake this for arrogance or avarice, but to the Ventrue, their shepherd's role is more burden than honor.

Ventrue support the Masquerade wholeheartedly, feeling that under its auspices the best existence for all vampires may be obtained. To the Ventrue mind, other clans are brash and impetuous. Too concerned with their short-term comfort, other vampires gladly give up an eternity tomorrow for a bit of vitae tonight. Without the Ventrue, there would be no Masquerade; without the Masquerade, there would be no vampires. Thus, the Ventrue have the weight of Atlas upon their shoulders. They bear their burden with a stiff upper lip and just a hint of noblesse oblige. No other clan could lead the Children of Caine in the nights of imminent Gehenna — or so the Ventrue are apt to say. After all, their reputation rests on it.

Ventrue see themselves as nobles in the classical sense of the word, fighting to uphold the station of those below them. They are the kings, knights, and barons of the modern night. Although the struggle has moved from battlefields to boardrooms and from jousting lists to voting districts, Clan Ventrue continues the duel. Young Ventrue rally and lead the troops with their cellular phones and limousines, while the clan elders watch the horizons for threats that loom like storm clouds. Many holdings under Camarilla control are overseen by Ventrue, and the Blue Bloods are loath to relax their grip over endeavors they so desperately struggle to maintain. Reputation and achievement take a Kindred far in the Ventrue clan, but none of that counts if the vampire can't maintain his influence.

Other vampires often cast aspirations on the Ventrue, vilifying them as sanctimonious, pompous, or even tyrannical — and yet it's the Blue Bloods to whom those other vampires turn when something goes wrong. Ventrue cultivate, influence, and — when they can — control the kine's media, police, politics, health and medicine, organized crime, industry, finance, transportation, and even the Church. When another vampire requires aid, the Ventrue can often provide it — for a price.

Naturally, Ventrue gravitate to the upper crust of kine society, where their sophistication serves them in good stead. Although Ventrue move in the same social circles as the Toreador, they don't fritter away their existences in frivolity and idle chatter. The Ventrue proudly wear the privileges of leadership, and stoically bear its burdens. Thus has it always been; thus shall it always be.

Ventrue cultivate classical, traditional appearances. Set in their ways, Ventrue vampires often affect the styles of their breathing days, and one may frequently guess a Ventrue's age by determining from which period of history her clothing dates. Young members of the clan tend toward fashions ranging from "preppy" styles to omnipresent suit-and-tie wardrobes. Ventrue are elegant and stylish, but rarely on the cutting edge of couture or haberdashery trends. After all, one must stand out, not stick out.

Only the best will do. Ventrue commonly make their havens in mansions or valuable estates. Ventrue vampires often come from wealthy families, ad their havens may even be ancestral homes. An old Ventrue tradition holds that any member of the clan may take sanctuary with any other member of the clan, and can't be refused. This tradition is rarely invoked, for the vampire seeking refuge subsequently owes a great debt to the vampire who provided succor. Nonetheless, the custom has saved the unlife of more than one Blue Blood.

Ventrue traditionally hail from professional or high-society stock, though in modern nights the clan may claim any noteworthy person. Age, wisdom, and experience play great parts in Ventrue Embraces, and a Blue blood never Embraces capriciously. Some Ventrue create neonates exclusively along family lines, in a twisted progression of gentrification. Other Kindred joke that the Ventrue are inbred, while the Ventrue themselves maintain that only the cream of the crop is suitable for membership in their clan.

Character Creation

Social and Mental Attributes are equally important, and illustrious members of the clan cultivate both aspects. Skills and Knowledges share similar importance, as the clan places great emphasis on being well-rounded and capable. Ventrue Kindred greatly prize Backgrounds, and high levels of Fame, Influence, Mentor, Resources, Retainers, and Status go far toward establishing a Blue Blood's precedence.


Ventrue taste is rarefied to the point of exclusivity, and each Blue Blood may partake of only a certain type of mortal blood. This type is chosen at character creation. For example, a particular Ventrue might feed exclusively from virgins, blond men, naked children, or clergy. The character will feed on no other type of blood, even if starving or under duress. Ventrue may feed on vampire blood normally.


The Ventrue in a given region meet often, though their convocations resemble salons or debates and tend to result in more talk than action. Of course, this ponderous discourse is the only "civilized" way to resolve an issue, and impulsive or rash Kindred often chafe under the clan's rigidity. Younger, impatient Ventrue have been known to mount direct challenges to an "old boy's" holdings and position, which is considered the height of treachery and rudeness — unless, of course, the upstart win.

The Board Room

History traces the roots of the Ventrue clan back to ancient Greece and Rome where the Ventrue stood as senators and first displayed their true political might. Possessing both of the primary social disciplines gave the Ventrue a distinct advantage in the political arena where they tend to thrive on Influence and Resources.

In Greece the Ventrue ruled openly, setting themselves up as Gods along with their Kindred cousins in other clans. However, this taught them the first danger of the mortal heard and they were driven to create what was known as the Silence of the Blood. In Rome, they ruled from behind the scenes, creating blood bonds and holding high profile mortals in their thrall. This in and of itself is a trend that has continued into the modern nights.

In the modern nights, the majority of Ventrue embraces hail from high society or well to do stock though the clan may induct into their ranks any noteworthy person. However, Ventrue tend to stay away from extremely popular mortals and generally refuse to embrace “great leaders” such as Alexander or Catherine the Great, Napoleon, George Washington etc. Not a single one of these people was ever a Ventrue.

In the modern nights, the clan has evolved to become more of a corporate structure, rather than a monarchal structure. Prestige in the clan is granted upon degrees of success, rather than by age, or lineage. And while these two things grant a certain amount of Prestige, it is ultimately the Ventrue who does more, and succeeds at his tasks that will be given prestige.

However, the clan is still steeped in tradition and a certain amount of etiquette is followed to the letter, lest it cause ripples in the clan structure and bring about possible, and often harsh repercussion. Truth be told, the Ventrue have an elaborate system of guidelines and bylaws which have stood for centuries and cover everything from greeting one another to public behavior.

The Feeding Restriction:

Ventrue are an amazing breed of vampire, if for no other reason than their perks. Truth be told, the Ventrue have no real clan weakness, unlike other clans, which have a habit of frenzying or gain animal features or derangements, each individual Ventrue simply can feed from only a single kind of person. This may be only from blond men, Clergy, naked children, corporate officials etc. And while a Ventrue will feed from no other mortal even if starving there are ways to get around this.

Ventrue, when first taken hunting, select their chosen pray that will be their sole type of prey throughout eternity. However, if the Ventrue is in a state of Frenzy, the blood is barely tasted and the Ventrue still is without feeding restriction.

However, one should bear in mind that Frenzying is something looked down upon in the clan and an utter loss of control leads to only bad things. These things include: An eternity of grief and guilt for killing some one due to one’s reckless lack of control. It also could result in a short-lived character who hits the rock bottom of Humanity 0 in a matter of mere months, if not weeks. Lastly, bear in mind the in a state of Frenzy, a vampire has ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over any of his actions. This leave a vampire open to potential breaches of the masquerade which could result in the removal of title, striping of domain, destruction of Progeny or (yes we saved the worst for last) the declaration of a blood hunt on the vampire stupid enough to care about getting around their feeding restriction.

Ventrue Titles

The Ventrue have an extremely elaborate system of titles and ranks. Truth be told it might even put the Pyramidal structure of the Tremere to shame. The Ventrue clan is arranged into three sections, each with its own set of titles and prestige. These three areas of prestige may all be held by a single Ventrue, but as per the Laws of Decorum, you never give title in mixed company. The three tiers of the clan’s hierarchy are City, World and Camarilla.

City wide titles pertain only to a given city and it is rare that a city title counts for anything outside the individual city that the Kindred resides in. Notable exceptions are granted for Praetor and Aedile.

Clan titles are titles which pertain to the entirety of the clan around the world. These titles include Ephorate, Strategoi and Lictor. These are titles which are observed no matter where an individual Ventrue is present.

Camarilla titles are just that, they are the end all be all of titles and if a Ventrue holds a Camarilla title he is addressed by it rather than his clan or city title. Again titles are never said in mixed company. One never addresses the Ventrue Primogen of a city as “Primogen and Praetor Pieterzoon” But rather it is simply “Primogen Pieterzoon.” Camarilla titles are also applied to other clans and actually matter to every Camarilla vampire, every where. The Primogen of Monte Carlo is still a Primogen even if he’s in London and is accorded that respect by all Kindred, not just Ventrue at this point.

City Titles

City titles are as follows:

  • Eiren: This is the bottom of the ladder and is the equivalent of Peerage. This essentially identifies Kindred as being a member of Clan Ventrue and nothing else. (Clan Prestige 1)
  • Quaestors (Foremen): Down in the trenches of undeath, in the streets, the bars and behind the corporate desks of the second floor are the Quaestors. These kindred are individuals who have established themselves enough within the clan to get the tiniest amount of prestige. (Clan Prestige 2)
  • Aediles: Aediles are assistants and tend to do most of the leg work for the Praetor. Nominally the Ventrue Whips is one of several Aediles within the ranks of the clan. (Clan Prestige 3)
  • The Gerusia: The Gerusia loosely translates to “Council of elders” and is not so much a rank as it is a grouping of venerable elders. Any one may join the Gerusia; however this is only done via invitation once the entirety of the board has decided to permit the newest member. Once on the board, technically a member may not be removed unless done so by the Praetor himself. (No Prestige is awarded as this is an acting body and not a singular title)
  • Praetors (Managers) Praetor is the highest rank a Ventrue can possess within a city and only a Strategos or Ephor can remove him from a position. The job of the Praetor is to oversee meetings of the Gerusia and manage the affairs of the clan within the city. Most often, the Primogen (Or Prince if he is a Ventrue) is the Praetor. (Clan Prestige 4)

Clan Titles

  • The Peerage: Congratulations, you’re a Ventrue. (Clan Prestige 1)
  • Tribunes: Tribunes are agents at large and serve as the eyes and ears of the Ephors within the Camarilla. Tribunes have little power as far as clan affairs go. However, they are the informants to the highest ranking Ventrue in the world as a network of loose contacts and informants. (Clan Prestige 5)
  • Lictors: Lictors are trouble shooters and tend to deal with the problems appointed to the Strategoi. Each Lictor tends to be specialized in certain areas and are chosen according to their ability to handle problems. The reason behind this is that rarely do the Strategoi choose to dirty their own hands with the detail work, but rather compose the strategy which is executed by the Lictors. Examples of specialties would include Masquerade Breaches and the containment there of, contracts, tracking, assassination, business dealings, occult specialties, inter-clan relations, etc. (Clan Prestige 6 & 7 pending degrees of success)
  • Strategoi: The Strategoi (singular Strategos) are the strategists and “generals’ of the clan. These Kindred are the only kindred to have direct contact with the Ephorate. The Kindred are often sent to considerably troubled areas to deal with the greatest disputes and lay down the law of the Ephorate. Strategoi, when on assignments, are often given the authority of the Ephorate to deal with matters as they see the need to and disputing the will of a Strategos is akin to disputing the will of the Ephorate themselves. As an aside, these Kindred are some of the oldest, most well established Kindred who are well aware of the rigors of unlife and have cultivated their networks of resources, contacts, allies and influence for centuries. (Clan prestige 8)
  • Ephorate: The Ephorate (Singular Ephor) is in fact the big nasty of all Ventrue and truth be told, control even the clan’s Justicar. The Ephorate is a shadowy body of twelve Ventrue who dictate the law of the clan. They discuss and determine the clan’s direction. The Ephorate also discusses votes upon and determines clan policy and doctrine. And finally the Ephorate is the final arbiter of clan law.

One should bear in mind that Clan law is sacred to the Ventrue and any breach in it can be dangerous, costing him his Dignatus, his place within the clan and possibly even his unlife. Questioning one’s elders or failing to follow the established chain of command are punishable offenses, then again, so is any breach in the Laws of Decorum. (Clan Prestige 9)

Laws of Decorum

First and foremost one should be aware that the Ventrue are a clan steeped in tradition, we have lived by these traditions for centuries and will continue to do so. These laws must never be compromised and should they be compromised, one risks his Dignatus, his standing and place within the clan and very possibly his very existence. Without further adieu, I present the Laws of Decorum.

Upon Greeting and Casual Conversation

The Laws of Etiquette in Conversation

  • Always address another Kindred by his title, if he has one. If he has multiple titles, address him by his highest Camarilla title, rather than clan title in mixed company. A Ventrue with no title is addressed by his surname (i.e. Mr. Rubin or Ms. Wiess).
  • Shake a man’s hand kiss a woman’s. Women should simply let their hands be kissed by men and kiss fellow women on the right cheek.
  • Defer to your elders in all things. Wait for them to acknowledge you before speaking. Never interrupt another clanmate while he speaks, even if you are his elder.
  • Never take offense when an elder interrupts you, even if it is Rude.
  • Always look into an elder’s eyes when speaking or listening to him. Doing so not only shows interest but trust in that he will not use the gifts of Caine upon you,
  • Personal affairs should remain just that -personal- unless a Kindred opens the discussion himself.
  • Other Kindred are not nearly so interested in your personal achievements as you think they should be. Crowing shows crassness.
  • Do not raise your voice, use explicatives or otherwise debase the discourse.
  • That said, avoid conversation on the modern “Internet.”
  • A Ventrue’s blood preferences are a private matter. One never asks.

Clan and Board Meetings

The Laws of Etiquette in Business

  • The highest ranking Kindred in the meeting presides over it. If two attendees have the same title, the eldest takes precedence. If the eldest defers, do not challenge him in his deference.
  • A younger assistant (usually an Aedile), actually conducts the meeting, listing off points on the agenda, recognizing speakers and otherwise taking care of the minutiae. This arrangement allows the presiding Ventrue to ignore the organizational details and concentrate on the greater issues at hand (or simply sleep through the meeting if he so chooses).
  • The agenda is always set before hand and made available to all attendees. The presiding Ventrue must approve any variations from that agenda.
  • As each matter is brought before the body, the lowest ranking Kindred always speaks first on the matter. Elders or those of equal standing may interrupt the speaker politely to ask question or make comments. Those of lower rank must wait until the speaker finishes and then address any questions, not to the speaker, but to the Ventrue conducting (not presiding over) the meeting.
  • If a Vote is called for, the body votes in the same order as it spoke, from lowest to highest rank. Secret ballots may be cast at the discretion of the presiding Ventrue.
  • When the agenda is complete, attendees can suggest topics for the next meeting for the chair’s consideration.
  • Do not interrupt; do not joke at another’s expense, no shouting and no base language is ever appropriate. Tempers will remain in complete control. Meetings are most solemn and not a venue for levity.

Public Appearances

The Laws of Etiquette in Kindred Society

  • Ventrue should always dress and comport themselves with the utmost dignity in public, no matter the time of night or situation.
  • One should never disagree with one’s elder in public, especially when lesser Kindred are about.
  • Following that, one should never disagree with one’s equals or juniors in public either. Always show the world a united front.
  • Never speak of clan business to outsiders under any circumstances.
  • Treat other Camarilla Kindred, no matter their clan, with as much respect as you would expect them to treat you. Do not sink to their level, nor allow yourself to be baited into exchanging taunts with rapscallion or anything else so unseemly.


The Laws of Etiquette in the Use of Caine’s Gifts

  • Do not enforce your will or charms upon another member of Clan Ventrue unless absolutely necessary.
  • If the fellow Ventrue in question is in good standing with his peers it is hard to conceive of a time when it would be absolutely necessary.
  • Eavesdropping upon another’s thoughts, defiling their memories or toying with their emotions are all quite rude, but sometimes necessary if one’s subject is not a Ventrue.
  • Should an elder demand access to your mind and he is within he rights to do so, do not resist.
  • Only a Prince, Justicar, Praetor or Strategos (or Ephor, should one such as you ever meet one) is ever within his rights to demand access to your mind.


The Law of Succor

  • Come to a Ventrue’s aid when he asks. This Ethic of Succor is inviolable.
  • Never begrudge or besmirch a clanmate who asks for aid. It is his right and your duty.
  • Never call for aid unless you actually need it. Esteemed Kindred have little tolerance for wasting time.
  • One does not remind another of his previous requests for succor in casual conversation.
  • Remember that you too might be in need of your clan’s assistance one night and act accordingly.

Invoking the Ethic of Succor

It should be known now that this ethic and it’s meanings apply only to our most august clan. In order for one to invoke the Ethic of Succor, and make a request for aid that no Ventrue, by clan law, may refuse, he states one of several phrases, most common is the phrase “I implore your assistance cousin.”

NPCS of Note:

Suspected Ephors:

Lady Anastasia (5th Generation – Embrace Unknown)

is the childe of Tinia and the former Methuselah Prince of Frankfurt, Germany. Long retired from daily Kindred affairs, Lady Julia had been rumored to have gone to ground or been destroyed during the War of Princes. A renowned master of history, Lady Julia often has an uncanny manner of anticipating the wheel’s next turn. There have been recent rumors that she has returned to activity and has been pursuing avenues in the United States with interest. Julia Anastasia is known to have a delicate, but forceful manner and was a powerful woman when the world was not as accepting of such a thing. This handicap has led her to be a decisive Kindred and her peers have difficulty persuading her once her mind is made up.

Hardestadt(5th Generation – 942 AD Embrace) ­

Hardestadt’s early days go back to Bavaria where he rose to become the predominant Ventrue in the Holy Roman Empire. When the Inquisition came, Hardestadt managed to escape almost unscathed unlike many of the other Elders of the clan. This left him in the prime spot to speak against the Anarchs and eventually create the Camarilla, putting the Anarchs under his boot with the Convention of Thorns. All of this allowed Hardestadt to reorganize the hierarchy of the Clan and lead
it to become the Clan of Kings it is today.

Baron Marcus Verus (5th Generation – 192 AD Embrace)

is a Methuselah and a childe of Mithras. Marcus Verus was a legionnaire with the Valeria Victrix and inducted into the Cult of Mithras to be eventually embraced by his sire. Unlike Mithras, Marcus was active throughout the dark years after the fall of Rome and built his power base from the ruins of Roman Britannia and the Saxon kingdoms that followed. His combination of martial skill and classical learning have stood him in good stead as the Baron of Chester, a post he secured in the mid­eighth century before the arrival of the Danes and that he has maintained through a mix of guile and brute force. He remains a major power in the Cult of Mithras, inducting numerous mortals and Cainites into its mysteries, and aided his sire’s return to power. Like Mithras, Marcus revels in battle and takes the field whenever the opportunity arises, though the opportunities are rare and the troops he faces or commands are less impressive than those of the past. Marcus is known to be active in modern
nights and it is highly rumored that he is a member of the directorate.


Lucinde (6th Generation – Embrace 1656 AD)

is the childe of Severus and served as his Archon. Lucinde is a severe, loyal, no­nonsense Kindred who favors extreme loyalty from her vassals. She is equally
comfortable in antiquated or modern dress – depending on what the occasion calls for. She is known to be articulate and has spoken during past conclaves. She is responsible for the death of Genina of the Red List and remains on the hunt for those who remain.

Canon Lineage Tree

Here is a helpful lineage tree with canon options:

Ventrue Lines (4th and 5th Generation)
● Antonius
-> ○ Belisarius
-> ○ Caius
● Mithras (Childe of Veddartha)
->○ Marcus Verus
->○ Lord Amber
->○ Lady Amber
● Alexander
->○ Gaius Marcellus
● Arakur of Ur
->○ Tiamat "Replaced" sire as 4th Gen
—>■ Gotsdam
● Tinia
->○ Camilla the former Prince of Rome, author of Pax Romana et Vampirica (Deceased +64 CE - Died in burning of Rome)
->○ Julia Anastasia
->○ Fabrizio Ulfila
● Unknown Sire
->○ Ilse Reinegger
—>■ Gustav Breidenstein "Replaced" Sire as 5th Gen
● Unknown Sire
->○ Hardestadt
—>■ Jan Pieterszoon
● Veddartha (The 4th Generation Kindred, not the rumored alias for (Ventrue))
->○ Maltheas
● Unknown Sire
->○ Elihu
—>■ Rebekah "Replaced" Sire as 5th Gen
● Nefer­meri­Isis
->○ Severus
—>■ Lucinde

Formal Events:

Princes’ Symposia:

Ventrue delight in planning and chairing Symposia – older Ventrue Princes can wax on about past symposiums and the difference their leadership and organization made to the Camarilla as a whole. Chairing a Symposium as a Ventrue Prince is seen as a pinnacle achievement and a talking point for decades to come.

Board Meetings:

Nothing generates more faux enthusiasm than a board meeting. Usually long, boring and passingly informative – board meetings give an opportunity for every Ventrue, young and old, to present topics of interest and to try and impress their betters. Usually – being noticed leads to failure instead of the promise of elevation, but it rarely stops eager Ventrue from making the attempt.

Grand Conclave (Public Portions):

Ventrue show up en mass to participate in the Camarilla’s most important events – Conclaves and their speeches being a culmination of years of hard political and social effort. Ventrue look to be seen as a prominent and indomitable force that is as stoic and unchanging as the Camarilla’s tenets.

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