Ventrue Lore

Ventrue Lore 1

  • Be able to recite one Ventrue's lineage (usually your own).
  • A brief summary on how the Ventrue Clan views the other Clans (Ventrue Clan Book descriptions).
  • The Ventrue believe that they, as the Clan of Kings, are the rightful rulers of the all Kindred.
  • The Ventrue have rarefied tastes for vitae, each member of the Clan has a different taste.
  • A base history of one bloodline (usually your own).
  • Can name the most prominent members of one bloodline (usually your own).
  • You know that the local Ventrue Boards usually meet on the first Tuesday of every month.
  • You know The Expectations and Traditions of Clan Ventrue.
  • You are aware of who the Ventrue Elders are in one Region (usually your own).

Ventrue Lore 2

  • A good working knowledge of Clan Ventrue today.
  • You know that various "cliques and clubs" exist informally within the clan, and what a few are.
  • You are aware of the various positions within the clan and their functions.
  • You know who holds the position within one City's local Board (usually your own).
  • You know the Strategos, as well as any prominent Lictors and Tribunes, for one Region (usually your own) and how to properly contact them.

Ventrue Lore 3

  • The definition of "Atavist."
  • A good working knowledge of the Clan's history from their point of view.
  • The PC knows most of the members of one Bloodline (usually your own)
  • You know the prominent members of most Ventrue Bloodlines.
  • A Working knowledge of the various Ventrue Cliques (Clanbook definitions), and prominent members.

Ventrue Lore 4

  • You are very familiar with some portions of the Book of Nod as it applies to the Ventrue Clan only.
  • Has heard some of the legends of the First City- from the Ventrue perspective only.
  • Has put together a decent picture of the personal histories of a number of prominent members of the clan.
  • Knows the complex subjective history behind many of the Ventrue Bloodlines
  • Some inkling of the role the major players in the Clan play in the Jyhad.
  • Has created his or her version of the Clan's historical timeline.
  • Has traced last known locations of some of the 5th generations of the clan down.

Ventrue Lore 5

  • Knows where a few of the old ones dwell.
  • Has strong suspicions of who several members of the Directorate are.
  • Has formulated his own ideas of what the true role of the Ventrue Clan, and Caine's Vision
  • Is very familiar with fragment or two of scripts from [Ventrue] about the First and Second City.
  • Is intimately familiar with a wide array of information about the clan, its members, and its history.
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